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  1. I realize "Coming Soon" is inherently flexible but is there a timeline? Will the plugin for 6.9.x be updated or will it only be natively implemented in 6.10.x?
  2. Thanks for stepping in and correcting my false claims. Sorry for any confusion. I learned a lot from my mistake...
  3. When you moved folders using MC. Did you move share to share or file folder to file folder? You should NEVER move from share to file folder or vice versa. It's asking for trouble. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. Also, are you sure only Chromecast broke? Or is it all transcode playback that broke? The latter would indicate misconfiguration of the transcode folder as if Plex is unable to write to the location. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  5. There seem to be a few things that are misconfigured if my understanding is correct (or could be what terms you are using). First, a "pool" is always cache, ie it will belong to the array (although you can configure the share to "prefer" the cache). To have Plex configuration and persistent storage installed on a dedicated SSD, I 4hink you need to format it outside the array and mount the disk using unassigned devices plugin. What is the reason for you configuration?There are numerous recommendations on how to configure Plex on unraid. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  6. My thinking was to separate my actual issue with a general question about expected behavior. Still learning the forum culture... In the end I took a risk and stopped everything and manually moved the files using MC. It was probably not a decision you should give as advise but I could not get Mover to move the files. Reformatted the cache pools using encrypted btfrs. Everything up and running and shares re-configured/reverted to use the cache. Only negative site effect so far is I had to reconfigure the Roon Server container. Thanks for you advise @ChatNoir, I really like the excellent support in the unRAID forums.
  7. Hi, I'm transferring a large media library from a Windows box so I have temporarily disabled the parity. I'm also restructuring the cache pool setting (enabling encryption) so I need to move data off cache pools. After settings shares to 'Yes' I run the Mover but files remain on the cache pools. Is this expected behavior, i.e. will Mover leave files on cache pools if the array is not parity protected? The Mover The Mover is a utility that runs periodically to move files off the cache disk and onto parity-protected data disk(s). If Mover logging is enabled, the mover will record all its activity to the system log.
  8. Thanks @itimpi. Transfer speeds greatly improved by unassigning parity (will enable again after intense transfer operations are done) Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  9. Thanks, I'll check and try it in the morning (I'm in Europe). The files that are still in the cache are some downloaded Linux iso files from the qbittorrent container. I have stopped the containers but not stopped the container service. Will try in the morning Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  10. Hi, I'm trying to move data off of the cache pool since I have to replace a drive in the 2 drive RAID 0 cache pool. I've made sure all shares which use the cache pool has the setting Yes. I start the Mover manually from the GUI but the files are still on the cache pool after the Mover finishes. What could be wrong?
  11. Thanks for your clear answer @Michael_P. I guess it's a separate question but what would the procedure look like to replace 1 drive in a mirrored cache pool?
  12. Hi, I created a RAID 0 cache pool using 2 new SSDs BTRFS formatted. One of the drives show SMART errors and will have to be RMA:ed. I have received a replacement drive. What is the procedure to replace one of the drives in this scenario. The forum posts I have found cover only older single drive cache pool scenarios. Is there a way to replace only one drive in this scenario or do I have to treat the RAID 0 cache pool as 1 disk and then re-create the pool using 1 old and 1 new disk?
  13. Hi, I bought unRAID Pro after evaluating for a few weeks. When logging in to My Servers the trial appears as offline while the same server but now Pro licensed appears online. How can I remove the eval server that does not exist anymore? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I wonder if it is expected behavior to see very poor disk to disk copy performance when doing multiple simultaneous disk copy operations (disk to disk in Krusader/MC). I have 12x12TB WD Red drives. Let's say I copy large media files from disk1 to disk2 and the transfer speed is for this largely sequential operation is 240MB/s. If I start a disk copy operation with the same files from disk3 to disk4 the transfer speeds of both copy operations seems to drop drastically. Is this expected? When performing similar tests in Windows Server 2019 the speed does not drop the same way. Disks are attached to an LSI 9400-16i HBA in IT mode. Can this be tweaked? The disks are in an array with 1 disk parity. Parity drive is a 12TB Seagate Ironwolf.
  15. I am an idiot. When going over the configuration for the 10th time I found that the IP-address of the unRAID Plex server in the firewall group for Plex servers was missing a number at the end. Correcting the FW ip group fixed this problem so 100%user configuration error. Thanks all for your kind help!
  16. Hi, I recently moved over to unRAID (bought Pro license) and love the features. I'm moving data around between disks to enable encryption. Taking great care to move disk to disk and never disk to share etc. My problem is that when moving data from disk (unecrypted xfs) to disk (encrypted xfs), the moving/copying of data starts of fine with close to read/write speeds of the drives (240-170 MB/s) but after a while ("a few tens of GBs") the speed decreases and comes to a stalled state. I'm using Krusader (but same result with MC), all drives in the array are 12TB WD Reds, the single parity drive is a 12TB Seagate Ironwolf. unraid-diagnostics-20210904-0959.zipattached to an LSI 9400-16i 12Gbps HBA. System is a Ryzen 3600 with 64GB unbuffered ECC RAM. The amount of data that is being successfully moved does not seem to correlate with amount of memory/cache. How do I troubleshoot this?
  17. All Plex ports are open, including the GDM ports... (and tcp/udp for all ports also checked and confirmed)
  18. Thanks, network is already set to host mode (which is the default for this image)...
  19. Thanks but that's not it. I forgot to mention that the IoT VLAN has been defined in LAN Networks already and the config is exactly the same as on the Windows based Plex server which can be accessed directly by clients in the IoT network...
  20. I love this container for it's ease of configuring HW transcoding using my Nvidia P2000 also for HDR tone mapping. I need help figuring out how I can direct play from Plex clients on a vlan/subnet different from the unRAID server. The unRAID server is on All clients on the same subnet can direct play content but smart TVs, Apple TVs etc are on an IoT vlan When playing back from these clients all content is played through the relay and transcoded down to 1.9Mbps. I'm experienced with Plex and been running it for many years. I have another Plex server on Windows also on and clients on direct play from this server. The firewall rules in place between the vlans allow connections from on all Plex ports, including GDM, to both the unRAID Plex server and the Windows Plex server. The container is running i host network mode. I'm pulling my hair out not having been able to resolve this. What troubleshooting steps can I take? Or is this i limitation of running Plex in a container? (I did some quick testing using other Plex containers with the same issue e.g. official Plexinc and binhex Plex containers)
  21. Thanks @Squid! Uninstalling the Theme Plugin took me closer to the vanilla defaults and I had found where to make the changes but for some reason no selection/option under the display settings looks like the original untoched install... So what I'm looking for are the actual default settings. Thanks, Carl
  22. Newbie question. How do I restore the Unraid default vanilla theme/color scheme? I changed some settings and now I can't find the setting(s) to get back to the original display settings. I have tried "all" combinations I can think of in the themes settings but I can't find any theme to get back to the default look of unraid? Thanks, Carl
  23. Thanks for pointing that out. I've attached the diagnostics file to the original post.
  24. unraid-diagnostics-20210827-1559.zipHi, I'm transferring my media library from Windows Server 2019 to my fresh 6.9.2 Unraid server. Hundreds or thousands of files up to 100GB each. Transfer speeds drops to about 70MB/s after while of transfers. The problem I really would appreciate help in troubleshooting though is that the file transfer is intermittently fails. Retrying the same file usually helps but sometimes I have to retry a couple of times. This is hurting the transfer process as it will take days of uninterupted transfer and each failed transfer might take me hours to notice... I've tried copying from my Windows box writing to unraid share and also tried the reverse by mapping a windows share and tried to read from the windows box from Krusader with the same result. The share is a public share which spread across 2 disks using high-water, there's still a lot of free space. The disks are encrypted using xfs encrypted file system. All disks (WD Reds) have been pre-cleared. How do I troubleshoot these file transfer interuptions? Thanks
  25. Thanks, my concern was that I would have to put me desired email address into the chat like with the profile name. But thanks to this helpful thread that turned out to be a non-issue 🙂