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  1. unraid-diagnostics-20210827-1559.zipHi, I'm transferring my media library from Windows Server 2019 to my fresh 6.9.2 Unraid server. Hundreds or thousands of files up to 100GB each. Transfer speeds drops to about 70MB/s after while of transfers. The problem I really would appreciate help in troubleshooting though is that the file transfer is intermittently fails. Retrying the same file usually helps but sometimes I have to retry a couple of times. This is hurting the transfer process as it will take days of uninterupted transfer and each failed transfer might take me hours to notice... I've tried copying from my Windows box writing to unraid share and also tried the reverse by mapping a windows share and tried to read from the windows box from Krusader with the same result. The share is a public share which spread across 2 disks using high-water, there's still a lot of free space. The disks are encrypted using xfs encrypted file system. All disks (WD Reds) have been pre-cleared. How do I troubleshoot these file transfer interuptions? Thanks
  2. Thanks, my concern was that I would have to put me desired email address into the chat like with the profile name. But thanks to this helpful thread that turned out to be a non-issue 🙂
  3. Thanks so much! I can't believe I missed that... Well, thanks a lot again!🙂
  4. Thanks a lot for assisting in changing my username! Now, how do I go about to change my email address? Couldn't find the setting in my profile and not too keen on displaying my email address in an open forum thread.
  5. Hello, Revisiting unRAID and liking it so will buy license. Signed up before with a dummy username. Is it possible to change this by yourself? If not, could you please change my username to "BigFam" and if taken to "BigFam194"? I'll try to bump this request @jonp and/or @ljm42, @SpencerJ. I also wonder how to change the email address since I used a dummy account when setting up unRaid for the first time? Thanks, Carl
  6. That's really weird. I just checked and the setting *should persist as it is in the /appdata/plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Preferences.xml file. The value is ManualPortMappingMode="1" for enabled and the Preferences.xml file is outside the container in appdata. Can you check this file when it everything is working and again when it seems not to be working, what are the values of the ManualPortMappingMode setting in either case?
  7. Yeah, I admit to being confused... I never heard that one before, sorry. Are you saying that while the setting is active everything works as expected and then when plex by itself unchecks the setting it stops working, i.e. the issue is with plex and not network related?
  8. This is happening to me too. I'm pretty sure it's because my ISP has changed settings so I'm now not using an external IP but rather a GNAT carrier address. I will talk to ISP support on Monday to confirm and have them change back as I've had it up and working properly for almost a year before it stopped working last week.
  9. New unRAID 6.9.2 install on Ryzen 3600 CPU, 64GB, Nvidia P2000 GPU, 10x12TB WD Red Array w/ single parity, 3 SSD cache pools 1+1 TB WD Black Nvme and 2x1TB Corsair MX500 SATA SSDs. Really happy with the functionality of this container as it let's me do HW transcoding with my nvidia P2000, also for HDR tone mapping. Actually it was the main reason for finally migrating from a Windows Server 2019 with plex setup. After pulling down the container after some time I can't access the plex web ui using the <http://serverip:32400/web>. I could initially access the web ui. I have since added other containers but I triple checked that there are no overlapping ports with any of the other containers. Docker image is running with default host network (just added a few paths) - - - - - - - - - - I can manage all aspects of the server through another plex server's web ui and the plex server is otherwise seemingly fully functional. My new unRAID Plex Server is meant to replace the old one so managing the new plex server through the old one's web ui is not an option. How can I troubleshoot this? I already removed and reinstalled the container as well as doing a force upgrade but no luck. The error message is "connection was reset". Any help very much appreciated.
  10. Revisiting unRAID and liking it so will buy license. Signed up before with a dummy username. Is it possible to change this by yourself? If not, could you please change my username to "BigFam" and if taken to "BigFam194"? Thanks