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So I don't know why my folder share are not working. Previously it was working. I follow the guide here 




But none of them are working. Even if the folder is public, it will not show. If I create a new share, it will show up. For example this one, I created a public shared folder "Test". Then I check and it has "Public" status on the "SMB" column. The others, doesn't have any. How to fix this?








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I know this is an old thread but I run into this issue today. This is definitely something to do with UNRAID. I found a solution however that was working in my case. 


I had most of my shares working fine but a newly created share had the same issue as @HHUBS.


I ended up writing both the share and SMB settings from a working share to the new share that wasn't visible on the network and presto the issue was resolved.


I hope this might help someone in the future.



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Windows is trying to force more security measures, if you set the folder to public and windows still asks you to login, just type in guest as a user name , no password and hit enter. This passwordless "guest" account should get you access to your unraid share.

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