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[SOLVED] Files written to cache even though share set to "Cache = no"

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I received a warning from Fix Common Problems that I have files on my cache drive for a share that's set to not use cache.


Here's the config for the "Sport" share:



Browsing the cache pool shows that recent files are there for the Sport share:


I copied the files from a temp directory (on Cache) to the Sport share using Krusader. Here's the path as reported by Krusader:


And here is the mapping for /media from the Krusader config:



Why is Krusader writing these files to the cache pool instead of waking up the drive (if necessary) and writing them directly to the array?





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Did you try copying the files or moving them?     I am asking because you can get strange results using move where the file remains on the same drive but in the new directory (this is a by-product of the way Linux implements move and the fact that Linux does not understand User Shares).  You have to do a copy followed by a delete of the original to avoid this effect.

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13 minutes ago, itimpi said:

Did you try copying the files or moving them?

I moved them as I've been doing for ages. I've gone back and forth between using cache and not, but don't recall having run into this before.


Based on your question, I copied them from the array to the cache-based temp directory, deleted them from the array, copied them back from cache to the array and deleted them from Cache. Now there are no file on cache.




10 minutes ago, trurl said:

#2 in this post I often refer to:

Thanks. I have been very much aware of the "don't cross the streams" admonition for years. Since I'm using Krusader and both directory windows work from "/media" I assumed (with all inherent danger, obviously) that it would work properly since it's always worked that way in the past.


I guess I know better now, and will be sure to "copy/delete" instead of "move" from here on out.

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