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  1. I'm not sure I follow why you had to release an update to production to support 6.12 while 6.11.x is still in production, but again, your plugin, do as you wish. Obviously, some folks are throwing their toys out of the pram over it, I'll just double check the weekly FCP warning that it's incompatible until 6.12 is released, then I'll update. I think I'll then get an FCP warning that my current version of DL isn't compatible, and I'll go manually update it. Life goes on.
  2. Managed to get it set up & working. Now, if I could only figure out why my backup server keeps crashing...
  3. olehj is the maintainer and it's his choice to do with the plugin what he sees fit. It is, however, unusual to release to production a version that requires a beta OS release, instead of releasing the plugin as a beta/test/dev release until the OS release that requires the breaking change is into production. Those who are on 6.12 beta would, I'm sure, be most happy to install the beta version of disklocation to test it out, while the rest of us who are happy to sit on an OS release until the next one is in production (no matter how stable the latest beta might be) are confused by a notification saying our plugin is only compatible with an OS release that doesn't (and won't) exist and come here asking 20 dozen questions about it.
  4. Could you give some directions on how to do this, please? It's been ages since I've messed with a bare metal Unix system (HP-UX anybody? Like last century...). I've only installed plugins & dockers on my unraid box.
  5. Excellent! I saw the urBackup server part, but must have missed the client part. Thank you, I'll take a look at it.
  6. This was from 3 years ago, but I presume that it's still accurate, right? I'd like a server to server backup option that's more-or-less plug'n play. I've got some rsync scripts, but not sure I want to continue using them. I'd like something a little more robust.
  7. It seems I didn't turn on notifications on this post, but thanks! Even though I could have gotten started yesterday...
  8. That might just make sense. I just took a look at all my plugins and I'm running versions dated between 2017 and 2020. Told you this machine was just being recommissioned after a long period of inactivity. I'll update all plugins before asking any other questions...
  9. Fix common problems has reported that "Invalid folder addons contained within /mnt". This is an old machine that was just restarted after being out of service for > 1 year. I'm pretty sure that it was on 6.x when last booted, but that's as detailed as I can get. In my backup server, I've got /mnt/addons, but do not have an "addons" directory on my main server that's been running and kept up to date quite regularly. Is this the invalid directory that it's reporting?
  10. I appear to be an id10t today. TYVM...
  11. I'm confused. I've built a new USB drive, booted the backup server off of it and transferred the license key to the new stick. When I look at my unassigned drives, this is what I get: None of them give me the same thing I saw when I plugged a couple into my main server. None have a "Mount" button (enabled, disabled, or otherwise). What am I missing here? Realistically, I could go ahead and rebuild this completely from scratch and I don't think I'd loose much, as far out of date as my last backup was, but I'd like to understand what's going on, first.
  12. I read further down the "replace your USB key" page and yes, that is the safe assumption - it's spelled out there. Just gotta keep reading, kid, the answers are there.
  13. I've had 10000 other things going on and I'm just getting back to this (under a new account because of the change to the login). Would someone please confirm that this assumption is correct? I've got a new USB stick built, and I've pulled 2 drives from the old machine. When I mounted the first drive in a USB dock, it showed up in Unassigned Devices and offered me a chance to format the drive. I respectfully declined. The second drive gave me an active "Mount" button. I mounted it and was able to see some of the old disk shares there. In my mind, the first drive was the parity drive and the rest are, obviously, data drives. I just want to be sure I'm correct before booting the old machine on the new stick and rebuilding the array & parity.
  14. After the update that required me to log in using an account (which I fortunately had, though, having not been by in a while I was at a loss as to why I couldn't get logged in & post), I can no longer see any of my post activity under my old forum account name. I saw the stickied thread about requesting a forum name change, is this what I need to do to get my new & old accounts tied together, or is there some other process I need to go through?
  15. In this section of the docs it reads Is 32GB really a max size limit? It's starting to get difficult to find drives with smaller capacity, particularly physically small drives that one might be willing to leave hanging out the back of a server that's not in a rack. Especially from anything resembling a recognized brand. Of course, my el cheapo 8GB drive from <random brand> has lasted many years in my backup server...