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  1. FreeMan

    Correct way to move files between shares?

    Don't move data from /mnt/disk1/MyShare/... to /mnt/user/MyShare/... (or vice versa) That is considered mixing drive shares with user shares and it just doesn't work out well at all. You can go from /mnt/disk1/MyShare/... to /mnt/disk2/MyShare/... or /mnt/user/Share1/... to /mnt/user/Share2/... without problem, using whatever tool (Krusader/Dolphin/MC/command line/etc) you'd like.
  2. FreeMan

    What's with all the releases?

    As I recall, there was a flurry of releases around 6.5.x - 6.6.x, and many of them dealt with security issues that were being discovered and patched in the Linux kernal and other core systems that Unraid relies on. I too was a bit surprised by the flurry, but I dutifully installed them because I've got a lot of data that's very important to me on my server and wanted it to be as safe as possible. Currently, I'm running 6.6.6 and my uptime is 44 days. 6.7 will be out soonish, and I'll install that with the associated reboot. I'm not getting the 130-150 days uptime that I had in the 5.x days, but, things are getting patched more quickly, so it's a trade of worth making, to me. Also, the update process is so simple, it's really not a hassle. I don't run any of the betas or RC's because I'm not interested in messing around with my one, production level, server. If I had the collection of hardware that some folks around here had, I'd probably run an RC on one or two boxen, as well. My 2 cents worth.
  3. FreeMan

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc4 available

    @limetech and @bonienl - I didn't get a chance to respond in the RC3 thread. I am disappointed with the icon decision, but I understand your reasoning. I greatly appreciate that you took time to look at it and to respond with your reasons why, instead of just ignoring it and or silently changing without explanation. This is the kind of responsiveness and support that helps make this the great product it is. Life goes on - this is the last you'll hear from me about it. I promise!
  4. FreeMan

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc3 available

    Thanks for the little tweak, @bonienl! I really appreciate you adding that option. I'm a little confused by the fact that you've deleted your post and crossed out all the follow ups. I hope this is still in the works, but I'll live if it isn't.
  5. FreeMan

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc3 available

    No worries at all! Maybe just something to keep in mind in the future - not everyone is instantly in love with the latest design trends. I'd assume all the old, colorful icons still exist, maybe ship them (or host them somewhere) and allow for skinning options. The icons are certainly not a show stopper, even though I don't like them. I've got your attention, I'll consider this a seed planted, maybe this will have a small impact on the next GUI update. Maybe not... I've never been anything but pleased with Unraid, the upgrade process and the support. The only issues I've ever had with it have been of my own doing. (It's not your fault I deleted 11TB of data before I realized I'd screwed up )
  6. FreeMan

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc3 available

    Fair enough. At least I know it was noticed! I expressed my opinion, a couple of people agreed with me, and now I'll move on with life.
  7. So I need to set it to cache-yes, run the mover, then set it to cache-no to prevent new files from being written. Got it. Mover is running now. Thanks!
  8. I got a notification from FCP that I have files on my cache drive that haven't been migrated to the array. I have the mover scheduled to run because I got this warning. Initially it wasn't scheduled because I hadn't set up any of my shares to use the cache. I turned it on briefly for one share, then turned it off. I have logging enabled on the mover. When I run the mover, nothing is logged and nothing seems to get moved. Here's the share showing files on the cache: Here's the shot showing the mover set to log: and here's the log showing the mover run: I took the screen shot of the share after the two mover runs. Any suggestions on what to do to get these files to actually migrate off the cache drive? backup-diagnostics-20190210-1615.zip
  9. FreeMan

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc3 available

    The Unraid UI itself is all monochrome icons now... There are far bigger issues in the world to worry about - I just wanted to voice my opinion. Thanks for listening.
  10. FreeMan

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    I've rolled through SpaceInvader One's review video and I do really like the new dashboard. The monochrome look there isn't horrible, but my opinion on removing all color from icons still stands. I've posted on the rc3 thread, as I presume nobody's looking at the rc1 or 2 threads any more. OK, rant off. I've said my piece and I'm probably the lone voice. There are much more important issues in the world, so I'll go find a different windmill at which to tilt. Thanks for listening!
  11. FreeMan

    Unraid OS version 6.7.0-rc3 available

    Having just looked at CA for the first time in a while (my server is running fine and I don't fiddle with it much), here's what I said to Squid about all the new CA icons: I took a look at SpaceInvaderOne's video review of 6.7rc1 and I'll repeat my thoughts. The icon shapes are nice, but they're nothing but a sea of white. Again, I get that this is the latest trend in design, but it is, in my opinion a terrible one. There is considerably more cognitive load in mentally parsing the shapes when there is no color to help out. This is especially tough on those of us whose eyesight isn't quite as good as it used to be. There is a reason why modern IDEs all do syntax highlighting. This is an absolute God-send in comparison to the dark ages of working on a monochrome green or amber monitor! Just try disabling syntax highlighting in your modern IDE and see how hard that makes it - there's no good reason to go back. Again, I get that you're just following the "modern" trend, and I have tremendous appreciation for the incredible amount of work that goes into keeping the system updated with all the latest security patches and all the new features you're bringing to the table, but this is one trend I wouldn't mind missing out on. I'm sure that there will be a number of security patches in the 6.7 release, and I'd be remiss in skipping it just because of the UI design, but, based on what I've seen, I'd be tempted. And, yes, I really hate that my Android phone shows all my notification icons in white against a black background. When they allowed color there, I could tell at a glance if I had an orange text notification icon - now I have to analyze each one to see if it's the "new text message" shaped white square, among the sea of other white, essentially square, icons. </rant>
  12. FreeMan

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    I agree 100%! I think this whole design trend was started by some 24-year-old millennial who never had to look at a monochrome green or amber display where everything was just one color. It's especially hard for those whose eyesight isn't quite what it used to be. UGH! Even worse. My server has been as stable as can be under 6.6.6 (despite the implications of its version number). Unless there are significant security issues, maybe I'll just stay here... To save time, I'll just copy/pasta my thoughts there. Again - I really appreciate the incredible amount of effort you put into developing this and the weekly, if not daily, effort that goes into maintaining it. I saw your comment in the OP about this being the best maintained app on the planet, and I am not going to disagree with you on that! Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only curmudgeon around who thinks that not every one of the latest trends is a good idea.
  13. FreeMan

    ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    Excellent! Also, after having just taken a look at the changes Squid made to CA, please - I beg you - please don't succumb to the "everything has to be monochrome" design theory!!! I really, really like the fact that I can find ControlR by the 4 red Cs, simply by seeing the color, instead of having to examine every icon to see which of the 10 blue ones it is that I'm looking for.
  14. FreeMan

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Great updates as always. I like the new icon style and shapes, but intensely dislike the lack of color. I know you're just following trends set by MS, Apple, & Google in their interfaces, but color is so vital to humans in recognizing things. Looking at my Settings | User Utilities section now is just one big sea of blue on a black (dark theme) background. It takes much more effort to look at each icon to see if it's the one I want, instead of just being able to find a color pattern. I guarantee you that ControlR and Unbalance are now the first things I see when I look at that screen simply because they're red and green (respectively) in an otherwise monochrome blur. FIP and Stats Settings are the next things I see - even though they're primarily blue, they're at least different shades of blue. Heck, I find ControlR on my phone screen because of the red circles even though my home screen page is full of different colored icons scattered everywhere (even though Android deems it necessary to put an ugly white circle behind them). Again, I get that you're following the herd, but when the herd is headed toward a cliff... Based on the comments, I'm going to guess that when I install 6.7, all the icons will be monochrome. For that reason alone, this will be one upgrade I'm not looking forward to. Just my 3 cents worth (gotta account for inflation)... </rant>
  15. FreeMan

    ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    The line in the middle is what I'm referring to. Maybe it's just my eyes getting old but it's a bit too dim. Sent from Tapatalk