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  1. @limetech @jonp - hate to ping you guys directly, but this one seems to have stumped our otherwise excellent tech support team. Do you guys have any thoughts on what might be going on? Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
  2. Just for fun, the GUI decided to respond! I grabbed new diagnostics just to see if there's anything different. backup-diagnostics-20200115-1930.zip
  3. Makes sense, but I don't recall having had to recreate it the first time I got this set up. I was using ZeroTier to talk between the machines, now I'm using WireGuard since it's built in and doesn't involve using a 3rd party. I'll create the directory and give it the proper rights in my go script - should be fine from there.
  4. Sadly, this is back. Now, sometimes, I'll attempt to log in, the spinner icon will stop, and it will tell me that the server is taking too long to respond. Then after a few moments, the spinner (running Brave) will start again and the Dashboard will load. I just replaced 2 2TB drives with one 4TB drive - I had to do that from the GUI on the console. After booting, I was able to connect for a bit and edited my shares to remove the ban on the two drives that I'd pulled (I'd previously emptied them). I got through all of them, clicked the "Main" link and the GUI quit responding. Here are the latest diagnostics. Any thoughts at all on this? Any suggestions other than rebuilding the USB stick again? That can't be my fallback solution - this is going to be an off-site backup machine and I have to be able to access the GUI (using WireGuard) to do the remote management. My son could do things locally, but he'd still need to be able to access the GUI from the local LAN. backup-diagnostics-20200115-1857.zip
  5. I've run into an odd situation. After every reboot of my backup server, I have no /root/.ssh directory, so my attempt to copy the keys there fails. Any ideas why? I think something larger may be at play - this server, though built on some rather old hardware, seems to be taking longer and longer to reboot, and the GUI seems to be taking even longer to become available than it used to. I do have a drive that's got SMART errors, and I've got a replacement drive on the way, but I've excluded it from all shares and I've used unBalance to clear all the contents off of it in preparation for its replacement. Diagnostics are attached in case anyone knows how to read the tea leaves and can see anything obvious... backup-diagnostics-20200112-1321.zip
  6. Maybe I've just worked with computers for far too long, but I'm constantly amazed by the number of people who post here saying they ran into issues, were given an option to format something they thought had data on it, and clicked "OK". Formatting a disk will never result in being able to access the data (without an expensive trip to the data recovery services).
  7. Unraid will leave a hole in the numbering sequence. It won't care and it doesn't matter except to the neat and orderly among us. If you're running a single parity, the disk order won't matter, so you can move disks up. If you want to leave the 6TB in the array but have the 12s together and have the 6s together, you can swap disks 6 and 7. All bets are off if you're running dual parity - I'm not and I have no idea how that works.
  8. I've been having issues with movies from my collections (from Emby) not showing up properly in Kodi's movie sets (they're incomplete or missing entirely). In my research, I've come across mentions of this plugin, but couldn't find it in Kodi. Today, I came to look through this thread to see if anyone else had ever had issues like I was having, and there it was, in one of the very first posts on this thread. Thank you!!!
  9. And, I was able to SSH in to it. Thank you again, good sir!
  10. @binhex Here's the preclear with errors as requested. preclear_rpt_Z303DVL4_2020-01-05 Interesting to note that all the speeds listed are in the 120-140 MB/s range, yet the display consistently showed 200.1 MB/s during the post-read and was showing in the 170-180 MB/s range for the pre-read. (not just at the beginning of the disk, towards the middle, too.)
  11. le sigh... Honestly, though, this is the first drive I've ever had fail during a preclear. I'm glad I ran it! It's currently at 86% of the post-read and chugging along at rock-steady 200.1 MB/s so it's moving nicely. I'll plug it into my Windoze desktop via a USB adapter and run Seatools on it then RMA it.
  12. 1. Done, then reinstalled. Now uninstalled again. 2. Done 3. Will do as soon as the preclear finishes. Thanks, will report back. I'm at 78% of the post-read on a 4TB drive reading at 200MB/s, so it should be fairly soon.
  13. Unraid's Plus licence: Allows 6 disks The Pro license: Allows many, many more. Which license are you running? Beyond that and the tid-bits I've given so far, I'm beyond my pay grade. I'm sure someone else will chime in to help you soon. (I see you did add your diagnostics.zip to the first post - usually, it's best to add it to a new post at the end, otherwise your thread might not get bumped back up top for people to notice, however, the additional discussion after the edit will have taken care of that. Also, the syslog is included in the diagnostics, so no need to post it separately. No need to remove it at this point, just a time saving note for the future.)
  14. I'm preclearing a brand new drive (it hasn't finished yet, so no report to post) and I've got "Warning [BACKUP] - reallocated sector ct is 8". That's not a good sign, is it...
  15. Often, logs filling quickly is related to misconfigured dockers. I haven't made any recent changes that do logging (that I'm aware of) or that I had to set any docker/Unraid path mappings on, so that's not likely it. I'm not implying that you've made mistakes in that area, but it's definitely something to look at. Go to Tools | Diagnostics and post the entire downloaded ZIP file to your next post - someone will stop by sooner or later to parse through it to give you some pointers - that's way above my pay grade! Finally, you said but only posted two. Did you miss detailing one or did you mistype your count?