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  1. I simply cleared cache and did a ctrl-F5 hard reload of the page. Too bad, I was getting some decent write speeds on that drive! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Just updated from 1.4 to 1.5 to confirm that I'm still having this odd issue. I had replaced an older 4TB drive with a new 8TB drive, but left the old drive in the server when I booted it back up. Yes, this was a silly idea and I'm not sure why I did it, but I went ahead and added that drive to the Unassigned Drive(s) variable. I just upgraded a different 4TB to 8TB and removed both of the now unused 4TB drives (including the one that had been listed in Unassigned Drives). However, the dashboard, under both 1.4 and now 1.5 are showing a constant 301.07MB/s read rate on
  3. I will say this: It seemed like a huge jump to go from unRAID v5.x to v6.x (and I was certainly very late to that party!) but it is really, really worth it!. If nothing else, with v6 you get notifications in the WebGUI (if you don't turn on email or push notifications) of OS updates, and it's a click and about 3-4 minutes for a near flawless update to the latest release version. If only these guys worked for Microsoft, Windows updates might not be such a pain!
  4. Of course, this is the Christmas season and it's entirely reasonable that @housewrecker has decided to take some well deserved (I'm sure) time off from developing this project, and, possibly, the internet itself, to spend some time not being a marriage wrecker (another assumption, I know). I hope we'll hear back in the next few weeks, as everyone's lives resume, and get some good news that an Emby version is in the works, but if not, well, I've lived without this thus far, and will continue to live without it in the future.
  5. I think this is all good, but it never hurts to double check: ATTRIBUTE NEW_VAL OLD_VAL FAILURE_THRESHOLD STATUS RAW_VALUE Raw_Read_Error_Rate = 80 100 44 ok 90993936 Seek_Error_Rate = 73 68 45 ok 21274715 Spin_Retry_Count = 100 100 97 near_thresh 0 End-to-End_Error = 100 100 99 near_thresh 0 Airflow_Temperature_Cel = 58 55 40 near_thresh 42 Temperature_Celsius = 42 45 0
  6. You know, I read that and though, "that can't be the problem - this worked last time I used it and I haven't changed it at all!" binhex-krusader uses port 6080, and I rarely used it. I've got that docker running now though, so of course it's currently in use. I changed preclear to use 6081 and all is good
  7. I, too, am getting that error. I made a change to the config, undid the change, then hit Apply. Here's what it's telling me: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='binhex-preclear' --net='bridge' --privileged=true -e TZ="America/New_York" -e HOST_OS="Unraid" -e 'WEBPAGE_TITLE'='Preclear' -e 'VNC_PASSWORD'='' -e 'UMASK'='000' -e 'PUID'='0' -e 'PGID'='0' -p '6080:6080/tcp' -v '/boot/config/disk.cfg':'/unraid/config/disk.cfg':'ro' -v '/boot/config/super.dat':'/unraid/config/super.dat':'ro' -v '/var/local/emhttp/disks.ini':'/unrai
  8. @housewrecker any progress on either an Emby/JellyFin version or the scan directories version? This looks fantastic, but as an Emby user, the Plex integration is, well, useless (to me).
  9. I just don't think it likes me... I removed the Group By, then clicked to add it back in, now I get `time ($interval)` but it shows No Data: For now, at least, I'll live with some curvy transitions and some sharp transitions...
  10. Well... sorta... For my (Day) query, where I've got the squared off graphs, I have this: SELECT last("used") FROM "disk" WHERE ("path" = '/mnt/user0' AND "host" =~ /^$Host$/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) Note the group by ($__interval) (there are 2 underscores there) The (Week) query has: SELECT last("used") FROM "disk" WHERE ("path" = '/mnt/user0' AND "host" =~ /^$Host$/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($interval) with no underscores in it. I tried editing the (Day) query, but it automatically changes it back. If I edit in "text editor" mode, th
  11. On my array growth graphs, the Weekly growth shows rounded edges, while all the others seem to show pretty sharp corners. I took a look through the options and didn't see anything that looked like it should control this. Am I hallucinating, is my data growth for the week actually rounded like that, or did I miss some sort of obvious (to everyone else) setting?
  12. Or, you could post the code here and some of us n00bs could try getting it implemented ourselves!
  13. I noticed that my Array I/O (Read) and (Write) were showing data from drives from both of my servers no matter which HOST I'd selected in the variable up top. Not exactly what I was after. I tracked it down to a misplaced close paren in the query. Original: SELECT non_negative_derivative(last("read_bytes"), 1s) FROM "diskio" WHERE ("ID_SERIAL" =~ /^$Drives_Array$/ OR "ID_SERIAL" =~ /^$Drives_Parity$/ AND "host" =~ /^$Host$/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), "ID_SERIAL" Fixed: SELECT non_negative_derivative(last("read_bytes"), 1s) FROM "diskio" WHERE ("ID_SERIA
  14. Hey, this is spiffy! I installed telegraph on my backup server and copied the telegraph.conf file from my primary to the backup. Now, I'm getting data for both, and all I have to do is change the "Host" name to switch! I guess I need to go through all the drive graphs and add overrides for the backup server's drives to map the serial numbers to names, eh? Sadly, it seems that I have to designate which "Drive 1" is which myself, since it shows legend info for all drives in the array whether there's data for them on this host or not. There's worse things, I suppose... Any
  15. Excellent! Works a treat on my AMD A10 CPU. Now, I just need to plug the fans into the MoBo headers instead of the case header. Maybe it'll recognize more than 1 fan and show some different speeds... Interesting... I updated the "fan speed dials" panel With that query. When I did, I noted that there's a disabled query in there: SELECT last("value") FROM "sensors" WHERE ("feature" = 'select tag value') AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) I enabled it and it doesn't seem to make any difference. What's it supposed to do?
  16. You know, a real software guy would simply say "upgrade the hardware"... 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
  17. Man, it took me a while to figure out what you meant. It just hit me that you totally misunderstood my intent, and it's obvious that I wasn't all that clear... I was intending it to be a "new user tips & tweaks" or "@falconexe has released a new version and I need to recustomize it, now what the heck did I change last time" type of "customizations to consider", not for more changes for you to make. I was talking about a reference post for new people who don't have 2 CPUs to figure out how to get rid of the 2nd set of CPU graphs, and instructions on how to go about n
  18. Hence "something you may want to consider" not "you should do it this way!" . And, consider it you did. If I build up some energy for it in the next couple of days, maybe I'll write up a "Customisations to consider" post. Comb through all the posts and put together some text on things that people have had to adapt to make it fit their personal server situation. Deleting extra NICs, naming fans instead of RegEx, adjusting drive free space highlights from absolute to pct and setting thresholds as desired, naming drives instead of serials, etc (Just a couple off the top of my head).
  19. This is what my "Array Storage" section looks like: Note that the Free space is highlighted in red. That doesn't make much sense to me considering that I've got 36% of my disk space unused. I went to edit the overrides, looking to change the percentage, figuring that it was just a typo somewhere. In the overrides for the "Free" section, I found this: I changed the Thresholds mode to Percentage, then added a Min override and set it to 0. Now my Free space has an orange background. Something you may want to consider for future updates.
  20. Yeah, they're called "off-ramps"! 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 On a more serious note... Maybe consider making some of these things stand alone. Not everybody uses Plex. I realize that it's not hard to "Click -> Remove -> Confirm", but that's kind of annoying for those who may want updates/improvements to the UNRAID core functionality, but not want/need some of the add-ons. To me, having the ability to monitor CPU & RAM usage by docker container in one easy to view graph (the standard WebGUI view is nice, but I do like this much better) is a huge bonus. Having to install
  21. Something to consider @falconexe Instead of hard coding column widths for tables like this: Consider leaving no column width override. That way columns will autosize no matter what screen resolution or how wide each end-user decides to tweak his/her columns. Your column settings were so wide, I hardly had more than 1 or two visible without side-scrolling. Then I spent a while tweaking the column settings to get them "just right". Then, as an experiment, I deleted all the width overrides and realized I'd wasted a lot of time with the tweaking because they came
  22. Ah, that makes more sense. For some reason, it took me a while to find that right-side panel. I'd been looking for things you'd been telling people to do, but I couldn't find the options you were talking about. I stumbled on it a couple of days ago. It's much easier to tweak things now!
  23. How do I adjust individual column widths in the data tables? As you can see here, there's a lot of empty space that could be eliminated. Since we don't all have 4k monitors, there just aren't enough pixels on the screen to display the data without a lot of horizontal scrolling. This is the top of the "Array Disk Storage" listing, and there is essentially no interesting data on it without scrolling: I tried adjusting column widths once, but it ended up rearranging the columns and totally mangling things - there must be a better way that what I was doing!
  24. I still have v1.2 installed. Oddly, it's showing the same symptom. It is probably something wonky in Grafana. If it's still showing like this when you release v1.4, I'll uninstall & reinstall the Grafana docker. In the meantime, as I said, it's a mild nuisance, not a "problem". It's more annoying that it's weird and without an obvious solution than it is to look at. Don't sweat it!
  25. Done. Still have the non-functional scroll bars on the horizontal graphs. More of a mild nuisance than a "problem" - work on higher priority items.