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Remote access behind NAT firewall


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I have a slightly out-of-bounds use case for unRAID, I use a small micro server that I ship to my clients, I then connect to it to audit their LAN using an OpenVAS docker and a Kali Linux VM. I've configured the server to auto-start along with the Zero-Tier docker which allows me to bypass any NAT firewalls at the client end - This works great.


Now I would like to enable encryption of the data at rest, easily achieved with unRAID's built in encryption. However, once I do that my server no longer auto-starts until the password is entered, which means no Zero-Tier docker and no remote access.


So my question is, does anyone have a suggestion of how to get around this? My first thought was a ZeroTier plugin rather than a docker, but I'm not sure if that's possible?


Failing that I was thinking maybe it's possible to run a script at boot to setup a reverse shell.



I figured out a workaround. Don't encrypt the unRAID drives which allows the server to boot and start normally, including the ZeroTier docker. Then SSH in and mount an encrypted 'Unassigned' drive used to store the VM's and reporting data.


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