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[solved] Parity-Check only on one disk of the array


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Dear team,


the last Parity-Check discovered several errors, so I started an Parity-Check with ticked correct errors.

It is running smooth, nearly finished an did not correct any errors yet. However, I now realized that the Parity-Check is running only on one disk, the other is spun down. Capacity of the array is also bigger than show in the Parity-Check information.

Is there something wrong?





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19 minutes ago, matty2k said:

After finishing the Parity-Check with ticked "write corrections to disk" I am wondering why 0 corrections have been corrected since the Parity-Check before found >500 errors?

The last test finished with 0 errors ... confused .. 

The check includes "corrections" in its error count :)  Once you have any genuine parity errors you should expect the next correcting check to report them as errors but then fix them.


Tip:  If you have the Parity Check Tuning plugin installed then one of its not so obvious features is to enhance the parity history to indicate what type 

of check was run for each entry.


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