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CPU and System Crashing Daily


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Hello everyone,


I've been trying to figure out the root cause to some recent system instability that seemed to have began about 3-4 weeks ago. Almost daily, I'm having to reboot my system due to high CPU usage or complete crash. After rebooting, system runs fine for about 24 hours and then crashing again. Not sure if this is hardware related or something else. I have an AMD system and did disable c-states. Prior to recently, everything worked fine with no issues. I have attached the diagnostics from today as I was able to capture the diagnostic from this mornings reboot up until crash. Any help would be appreciated.


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Sep  7 13:25:51 plexbeast kernel: macvlan_broadcast+0x10e/0x13c [macvlan]
Sep  7 13:25:51 plexbeast kernel: macvlan_process_broadcast+0xf8/0x143 [macvlan]


Macvlan call traces are usually the result of having dockers with a custom IP address, upgrading to v6.10 might fix it, or see below for info.


See also here:


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Just an update, the upgrade didn't solve the problem. However, further digging into the issue yielded an issue being caused by Duplicati (Docker Container). Looks like the choice by Duplicati of using a database was the ultimate culprit. Switched from Duplicati to another backup solution (Duplicacy in this case) and system has been stable ever since.

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