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[Solved] Supermicro X8DTH-6F issues


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Supermicro X8DTH-6F.


When I first booted 6.9.2 it wouldn't recognize either NIC, tried 6.10-rc1 and she comes up just fine but... After assigning the drives (All SAS - 1- 1TB parity, 2- 1TB 4-600GB) it went through and formatted and shows correctly under MAIN but under shares I have disk1, disk2, disk3 through disk6 individually, it does not appear to be creating an array but just mounting the drives and doing whatever with the parity drive. Docker and VMS(libvirt) service fail to start. Settings shows "/mnt/user/xxxx" paths do not exist. I have gone through and started a "New Config" but end result is the same. Any help would be greatly apricated.


If this is a rc1 bug and anyone has advice on getting the SMC NIC's recognized by 6.9.2 I am more than willing to reinstall. This is a second Unraid server with a trial license at this point, I have 6.9.2 running beautifully on my Z820 so I'm wanting to get this running more as a test box and maybe move away from ESXi running on my Z440.


I have another 1TB SATA drive that's showing up as 3GB but that's the damn integrated SAS controller. Trying to figure out how the update that firmware, or putting a PCI-e SAS controller in that I already have laying around.



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Didn't notice the user shares, enabled it and started back up with success! Thank you.

15 hours ago, itimpi said:

There is a bug in the 6.10.0 rc1 users which some users encounter after upgrading where the User Shares option under Settings->Global Share settings gets turned off.   Sounds as if you have encountered this?   If so re-enabling User Shares will probably resolve most of your issues.


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