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Should I also upgrade my mobo? ASUS B450M-A CSM - Upgrading CPU to Ryzen 9 5900x


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Hey all, I'm currently doing some system upgrades. I have Ryzen 5 2600x, 1080Ti, Corsair 750Watt PSU, an ASUS B450M-A CSM motherboard. I just purchased 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 RGB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz ram which I've installed. I have a Ryzen 9 5900x supposed to be here on Thursday/Friday. I currently have a Corsair H115i Pro CPU cooler. 3 x 8TB 7200RPM Seagate HDD's, a 500GB Samsung Evo 840 SSD cache drive, and a 2TB Crucial Sata SSD for docker and VM's. 

My concern is with my motherboard. It was a budget board when I originally built this system in 2018. It says it supports the Ryzen 9 5900x - but I wanted to get feedback / opinions here on if it's going to limit performance in any way. 


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2 hours ago, itz4blitz said:

if it's going to limit performance in any way. 

If change mobo, should be no gain. But I will keep track to source a mobo as spare, not in urge.

5900x quite expansive, I don't mind spend some $ as insurance for a high C/P mobo.

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My only real concern is the power delivery on that board.  It may not be robust enough for a 105 watt cpu.  It may be fine as well, it will depend on usage.  If the cpu is taxed hard enough it may throttle.  If it were me, I would at least go with a decent B550 board.  If you stay with the B450 make sure the latest bios is installed.  With that cpu, I would give it the best board I could reasonably justify.  As a benefit the ability go with gen 4 pcie may matter in the future more than it does today.

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I wanted to post an update since the CPU arrived a day early.

I removed the R5 2600x, gave the case a nice clean, installed the R9 5900x (after watching a few videos on the best way to paste the R9), got the cooler's heatsink reattached, and booted it up.

As soon as it powered on it detected a new CPU and made me click Y to proceed. I was then able to get into BIOS. To my astonishment, it was running at 70C in BIOS. I was pretty concerned. I restarted the system and this took it back down to the upper 40C range. 

Fast forward - I got my Win 10 gaming VM booted up. Installed Nerdpack for Perl and Dynamix System Temp - been chilling at about 50C after 30 minutes of moderate usage on the VM. 

I assume Unraid would default to removing any CPU pinning. But instead it kind of did it's own thing:



I attempted to spin up Overwatch - I watched my FPS get up above 300, and immediately back down to 50-60 like I had been having after a day or two of using a new gaming VM. But then it crashed immediately. This has been an issue a few times on this VM - I'm planning to recreate the VM tomorrow and really focus on fine tuning everything.


I had the same issue with my R5 2600x as far as gaming becoming unplayable a day or two after setting up the gaming VM (and it working flawlessly). This is a whole other issue, and if I'm still having issues with it, I expect I'll open a thread up in the appropriate section.

Now, back to the reason I wanted to write this post: the new CPU. All I can say is, wow. It's a night and day difference. I expected an improvement, but this is much more of an improvement than I expected. The motherboard seems to be doing just fine. The voltage was pretty high (like 1.41) for CPU when I first installed it (which could account for those high temps I saw), but it was way lower when I checked earlier (1.100V). Oh, one last thing I wanted to mention: trying to get my 64GB DDR4 RAM to run at 3200MHZ using XMP or manually setting the speed in BIOS was a huge pain. At best I could get it to run stable for a while but 5-25 minutes into a game it would crash, reboot, and reset the memory speed in order to successfully start. This wasn't an issue once I installed the new CPU. I wasn't able to enable D.O.C.P - but I was able to manually set the ram to run at 3200Mhz. 

Anyhow, I appreciate everyone's help!

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