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  1. I am glad you got it sorted out. I have left GPUStat uninstalled and everything works as it should.I will try it again soon.
  2. I am curious if you found a resolution to this error? I had it as well, my log would get to about 10% then the server would either lock or freeze for a while. When it came back GPUStat would be empty, no GPU listed. I had to uninstall GPUStat to get it to stop, now the log is back to normal.
  3. To me it all looks fine, the only change I would make is to not use the mATX and go for the Steel Legend in full ATX for a few dollars more. That is a personal preference, you do get more PCIE (x1) slots and you have a case that will hold the ATX but you can certainly use the mATX. The extra x1 slots are not important now, but they may be in the future, to me it is better to have them and not need them than it is to need them and not have them. The power delivery is a little more robust on the Steel Legend as well though it is doubtful you will ever need it, it is nice to have.
  4. I do not disagree, but I also don't like to make assumptions, so checking what the CPU is seemed important. Knowing if it had a graphics processor would make any other testing moot if there was none.
  5. What is the SKU? if it has an "F" at the end it will not have graphics, as in i9-10900KF will not have graphics.
  6. Which I9 processor? Not all of them have graphics onboard.
  7. I started with a 2200G and B450 w/32 gigs, my server is mostly for Plex and my library 480, 720 and 1080. The cpu would peg at 100% during most movies going through the local network to the TV. I have no idea what a 4K movie would do to it. I upgraded to a 6 core R5 1600AF which is just barely slower than a R5 2600 and it rarely moves above 25% utilization. I do not have a gpu for transcoding, yet and so far I don't need it. I will upgrade to R5 3600 or R7 3700 next, depending on price and availability. The 2200G is pretty weak cpu, first gen Ryzen with half of the die taken u
  8. Something to think about...I would go with the I5-10400 and not the "F" version. You can take advantage of the graphics processor for any trans-coding needs that way. Everything else you have picked should work. You may not be able to take advantage of the 3200 ram speed, so there is no advantage there, but it is inexpensive for 32 gigs and should be fine at the base clock.
  9. I do not know if that one will, but I have this one, CP1000PFCLCD and it does. I went through this exercise a few months back, my research indicated the PFCLCD PFC Sinewave was a better option than the AVRLCD. If you ask me to tell you why, I will struggle, My brain has slept since then and pushed all that research out of the way.
  10. My main thought is the thermal performance of that case. If using for a normal desktop it would be a good case, but for server duties it will probably fall short. GN does the best job of case reviews and they did not review the 900, but did the Pro in both revisions, and the basic case is the same. Considering your existing hardware with the passive CPU cooler, airflow is going to be key and that case isn't great for airflow unless you leave the front cover open. A couple videos for you to watch that may help... The first one will give you some options that offer good airflow.
  11. Here is what I used and have zero complaints with... You could move 3-3.5's to the top, with their own cooling provided by the IcyDock and one 3.5 and SSD's in the lower cage. The plastic runners in the lower cage should also accept 2.5" SSD's. The fan on the IcyDock is adjustable. The only thing with it is the front is not aesthetically pleasing, but in my case that is not an issue.
  12. I cannot speak to "best" but I use a Buffalo BRXL-PT6U2VB that been re-flashed to a more friendly firmware. There is a guy on the Makemkv forum that will either sell you a pre-flashed drive or you can send him your drive to be "corrected". I would give you the direct link, but I am not sure that is allowed here. I have not found any software to play movies from Unraid, but I also haven't really looked. I currently use Plex to play movies on the T.V. or a Win10 PC at my desk attached via the network to the Unraid server.
  13. The BIOS is set to to automatically start when power is on, but it never worked. In the rare instance when we lose power I would have to manually start the computer, prior to having the UPS, this time with the UPS it started up when power was restored. I don't really care how or why, the important thing is it powered down when it was supposed to.
  14. Good to know, thanks. Under normal conditions prior to the UPS, it would not auto restart after a power off event, I would have to manually power it on.
  15. Correct, Turn off UPS is set to YES. Perhaps it is a firmware issue with the smaller UPS? That is a guess, but it makes sense. I have no idea, but in this instance it worked as expected.
  16. We had a power outage last night, the CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD shut down the server exactly as I have it set to, no problems at all. When power was restored the server came back up, which I wasn't expecting, but am pleased about.
  17. I bought a CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD PFC Sinewave UPS System, 1000VA/600W for my system. It plugged right in and was recognized and controlled by UnRaid. It is a small form factor so very unobtrusive. It gives me about 40 minutes of run time, though I have it set up to shutdown at 75% of battery level. I am fortunate my system idles at around 78 watts. The price was 139.95 so not expensive to buy.
  18. I do not see anything wrong with your hardware choices. I am not sure you will gain a benefit with the ECC ram but I do not believe it will cause any issues either. My only concern would be the case, it has poor thermal performance but I like everything else about it.
  19. Mine is this Samsung, not SanDisk, I switched to the old Cruzer Glide. Samsung MUF-32AB/AM FIT Plus 32GB - 200MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive I fortunately have other uses for it, so I am not out anything.
  20. A few months in, some hardware changes and the thing has been rock solid with no real issues. I did remove one of the Crucial MX500's and reformatted cache to XFS because of massive writes to the cache drives (known issue). I had one 3TB drive with write cache disabled and just today I found the solution to that. Thermaltake Core X2 Micro ATX Case Ryzen 5-1600AF (changed from the 2200G) MSI B450 Pro-VDH mATX (only 4 SATA Ports) 32 gigs G.Skill Trident Z rgb 3000 mhz (I upgraded my main PC memory and put this in the Unraid server, it is a few years old now but still excell
  21. Bravo! It appears to have worked. I ran the command, ran Fix Common Problems and the error was not there. I stopped the array, rebooted and ran Fix Common Problems again, still no error.
  22. I have a 3tb SATA drive that has an endlessy disabled write cache. The fix described in Fix Common Problems does not last, (hdparm). I am new to Unraid and Linux. I assume you ran this from a terminal window just as the hdparm command? I ask because I do not want to hose my system and I know there are vast amount of things I have yet to learn.
  23. I bought that exact one, it did not work so I used an older Cruzer Glide 8 gig I have had for a long time. You might be able to get it to work for you, but honestly I would just do what trurl suggested. My Fit kept getting hung on installation, I tried the work arounds and it still would not boot.
  24. I use a Hyper 212 but if the fan on it ever dies I will change to a Noctua. Make sure whatever cooler you use doesn't interfere with the ram slots. I know you only plan on using one stick, but if you want to add more in the future it becomes important. My Hyper 212 blocks a ram slot which prevents me from using all 4 slots.