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  1. I have been using this one for almost 2 years now, it has been rock solid. The one you linked should also work just as well. I used it to keep from having a USB hanging out the back of the server, it made it just a little more compact.
  2. You will need a video card of some type to setup the bios. After the bios is set up correctly you can run without a video card. You may need to (should) turn on HVM/AMD-V (virtualization) and IOMMU and I typically only allow USB to be seen as a boot device but as long as the USB is set to boot first you are OK. The new board will see a new CPU and require you to enter the bios, make whatever changes are needed and save. It is highly unlikely you will be able to setup the board/CPU without video.
  3. It should be noted that the 5700G is a PCIe Gen 3 CPU and not a Gen 4. This will only matter if you want to run Gen 4 items as they will run at Gen 3 speeds. I run the 5700G on an X470 board and I absolutely love it.
  4. It is good to learn more. For the longest time I had no temp readings, just fan speeds. Unraid detected the nct drivers so they are what I used. I can say I love this processor as opposed to the 2700x that it replaced. Faster, less power and heat and I have yet to put it under a considerable load.
  5. I am using this driver, nct6775, cpu temp is nct6795. My IR temp gun agrees with it. K10temp shows 50.1 but that does not correspond to the actual cpu temp.
  6. My 5700G idles in the low 30's C. This is with a stock Wraith Stealth cooler. The room it is in is typically about 80 F this time of year. Case is a Cooler Master HAF XB EVO, this pic was taken a few minutes ago.
  7. What are you wanting to use the video card for?
  8. I have used 5 different AMD boards and 6 different CPU's and I have had zero issues with any of them.
  9. There is no shame in replacing.
  10. An improperly seated card can really mess with things. If that is all it then you got lucky, hopefully you can restore drives or at least make sure all of them are working correctly.
  11. That is basically all I have ever one when changing cpu/motherboard/case. Now you know the ram is not the issue.
  12. CPU temps report with the MSI and Asrock board but did not with the Gigabyte board, motherboard temps are spotty with the MSI, sometimes they work after a reboot and sometimes they do not. Memory can be funny but it should have reported an error, though that is not guaranteed. Is the power supply new (ish) and does swapping the power from drive to drive cause the error to follow power cables? If it were me, even if I went with a different board and cpu, I would still be troubleshooting this one, too much money invested to just leave it alone. FWIW, the 5700G is the best cpu I have used to date, more than enough power and power consumption is really low. The 2700X was a power hog in comparison, I dropped 40 watts of total power with the cpu and cooler change and temps run from 25-30C whereas with the 2700X I would idle at 50C, even with an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 on it, which I hated having a water cooler on it.
  13. I run a 5700G with zero issues, by chance have you tested or swapped out your RAM? Clearly the drives, CPU or disk controller were not the issue, that narrows it down quite a bit. I have run an A10-6790, 2200g, 1600AF, 2600, 2700x and the 5700G on a variety of motherboards with never a single issue. I do understand the frustration and wanting to try something different.
  14. You can add fans to those cages but the fans go towards the outside and the drives are on the inside, perhaps they can mount either way, not sure. With the Flexidock the fan is on the inside and the drives are on the outside, making swaps as easy as powering down the server and pulling out a drive and the fan speed is controlled from the front of each unit. I won't tell you not to get the cheap option but there are advantages to the icydock. I don't believe I would do the $210 version but the $68 version works well and is made well. The cage only with a decent Noctua fan is $48, so a little savings. If you go the cheap cage route be sure and come back and give your impressions, it may help someone in the future.
  15. I run 5-hgst 7200 rpm UltraStar drives, they do run warm if not given plenty of airflow. I have 3 of them in an icydock flexidock and the other 2 with a pair of 80mm Noctua fans pulling air across them. The 3 in the icydock run in the mid 30's c and prior to the addition of the fans the other two would run in the mid 40's and now back in the mid 30's with the fans. For this reason I would suggest spending the money and getting the icydock or equivalent with active cooling. 15 of these drives without active cooling have the potential to become very warm as well as warming the case they are in, so make sure you have plenty of airflow for the drives and the case as well. Temperature control is always important. I do not believe you can hotswap drives in Unraid. It is more economical to use these, which is the same as what I have. It should be noted that there is no cover for the drive when it is installed so you will see the end of the drive, that may be an issue if aesthetics is important.
  16. I have used this one for a little over a year. It keeps the usb drive in the air flow, where a cabled one will hang down. I was concerned with it being a cheap chinesium part but I have never had any usb issues, it is simple and has worked.
  17. I am tagging along, I just got this CPU to replace my 2700X and so far it has been incredible. I have not decided to do anything with mine but it does reside with a Quadro P400 I use for JellyFin. I am able to see mine in Device List IOMMU Group 5 as [1002:1638] 30:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cezanne (rev c8) I am not sure if that helps any but this is more of a chance to learn for me than anything else.
  18. The stock Fractal fans are not bad, just tonight I pulled mine out of my desk rig for a cleaning, they are 3 years old and still work fine. I do have all Noctua in the NAS though, it always gets the better parts.
  19. I would add a decent cpu cooler, the stock one is a joke. This one is inexpensive and did a good job at keeping my 2700x cool, it would be overkill for 11400 which makes it perfect.
  20. If you can get either of those 2 processors for around the same price, I would be tempted to with the Intel but only because of the core count. The 9960X is a ridiculously expensive chip these days. If they are not close to the same price go Ryzen, there is not enough performance difference between them to pay much extra for the Intel. If for Plex, I don't think the 9960x has QuickSync but it also doesn't have an IGPU so it is largely irrelevant as both of those processors have more than enough power to transcode multiple streams without breaking a sweat. As far as AMD compatibility, I have used an A10-6790k, a R3-2200G, R5-1600AF, R5-2600 and currently a R7-2700x and with multiple boards. I have not had any issues with any of the them. Make sure HVM and IOMMU are turned on in the bios and the only challenge there is finding out each motherboard maker has it labeled and/or buried in the bios.
  21. The Define 7 is a beautiful case but a horrible choice for thermal efficiency unless you plan on leaving the front panel open, and no one will do that. Gamers Nexus does a fantastic job of case reviews, here is their take on the Define 7. The Node is not a better choice and may be worse. I hate to recommend a case, the choices are almost endless but what is most important in a NAS is not style it is thermal performance. Keeping drives, cpu and all components in the case cool is the primary function of a server case, aesthetics are low on the list. This is less important for low powered cpu choices but crucial for high power cpu's. Here are some recent choices and should be available for purchase.
  22. I am using a 2700X and have used several B450 boards and every one of them has been fine with Unraid. I am on an X470 now and it performs the same as the B450 did. This is subjective but I believe I liked the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WiFi but mainly for the Intel ethernet. I have 3 of that board and I liked the build quality, quality parts in it like ALC 1220 audio, decent VRM etc. None of which makes much difference to Unraid but does for my music media PC's. I have also used an Asrock B450 Steel Legend and a MSI B450 Pro-VDH. The biggest challenge with the 2700x is cpu cooling so make sure you have a case designed for airflow and a very good cpu cooler. The 2700x should have way more power than you will need for the use case you listed.
  23. I used the R5-1600 AF for about 6 months with a B450 board, it was in my opinion a sweet spot for power consumption and cpu power. There are two versions of that cpu, the original 1600AE and the updated 1600AF, you want the AF version and not the AE one. The AF is a Zen+ chip and is more powerful and has updated architecture that the AE lacks. I do not know if the Hyper 212 will fit but it should. The stock cooler is actually decent so if the Hyper 212 doesn't fit it is unlikely you will overpower the stock cooler unless you are maxing the CPU out for extended periods of time.
  24. My only real concern is the power delivery on that board. It may not be robust enough for a 105 watt cpu. It may be fine as well, it will depend on usage. If the cpu is taxed hard enough it may throttle. If it were me, I would at least go with a decent B550 board. If you stay with the B450 make sure the latest bios is installed. With that cpu, I would give it the best board I could reasonably justify. As a benefit the ability go with gen 4 pcie may matter in the future more than it does today.
  25. I do not see a problem, in fact I would love to be at 73 watts. I typically idle at 110-120 watts, drives spun up always. R7-2700x MSI Performance Gaming AMD X470 Samsung 500gb 970 EVO - M.2 NVMe Quadro P400 LSI 9207-8i 32 gb of ram 6-HGST Ultrastar 7K3000 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB 1-WD 1tb 7200 RPM for CCTV 3-Noctua 120mm case fans 2-Noctua 80mm case fans Noctua NH-U12S Redux CPU cooler with 2 fans ICY DOCK 3X 3.5 Inch Jellyfin and Shinobi Pro are always on, no VM's running constantly.