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  1. Thank you. And I am pretty sure I knew that about pre-clearing ssd drives, but this was one that wasn't mountable last week... and you helped me with the problem that turned out to be memory timing issues, so I was pretty sure the drive was fine, but wanted to use it as another pool for something else... just thought I would check with those that know more... thanks again for the assist. -g
  2. Hi. I haven't paid attention to the log when pre-clearing an SSD.... but the pre/post read speeds are about what I would expect (consumer sata SK Hynix Gold S31 1Tb drive) but the actually zero-ing??? Wtf? Basically 30min > 80min>40min.... and it was complaining about temps (who'd complain about 69 ) 24-03-2023 02:40Unraid device dev3 temperatureAlert [EZRA] - device dev3 overheated (69 C)SHGS31-1000GS-2_FS0BN96451080C415 (dev3)alert 24-03-2023 01:08Unraid device dev3 temperatureAlert [EZRA] - device dev3 overheated (68 C)SHGS31-1000GS-2_FS0BN96451080C415 (dev3)alert But really I suppose my question is can that all be temperature? It went from 32 to 68 in about 25 mins of pre-read... I am trying to determine if the drive needs to be RMA'd or anything... its 15mos into a 5yr warranty period... Anyway insights appreciated! TIA -g p.s. That 8MB/s I am wondering if that is an average for the last 25% or just a instant-read?
  3. Oh, I had done that as well (with the default -n) when I started in maintenance mode... it had alot of stuff it could apparently fix... I just was hesitant to do it. So it seems like what is happening is the array is working without disk4, things that are on disk4 are just NOT AVAILIBLE, yet parity isn't throwing a fit nor emulating it, so I don't know how that is acting as it should... but I need to figure it out... I didn't want to commit any changes to the file system without making sure I was doing the right thing.. Anyway, while typing all of that, I went back and ran it without the -n and it fixed things and mounted the drive fine... now I will figure out the bad parity drive situation. Thanks again. -g
  4. Everyone was helpful with my cache drive issue. Now for a problem I somehow just created. I rebuilt my disk5 a few days ago. The new drive is good. I then made the foolish mistake of pulling the power plug of (what I though at the time was) the OLD disk5... turns out the nice easy to read labels I affixed to my drives somehow(?) got borked and It was actually parity2... So that happened. I then shut down because I wasn't understanding how a drive was showing in unassigned devices that was physically unplugged. I know that sounds confusing enough, at that point disk1-disk5 (5 having been replaced and the old disk5 not erased but visible in unassigned drives) were all present and parity2 had a red X and like 2065 or so read errors.. at that point I hadn't realized that it was mislabeled but needed to reboot anyway... All of the sudden disk4 is UNMOUNTABLE. To be fair, disk4 was on same wire to psu as drive I stupidly removed, OLD disk5. The drive being onwhich frankly was the reason in my head why parity2 was throwing errors at that moment... turns out it was much simpler, I had unplugged it. So now I am in this boat. The old disk 5 is for sure bad. But I think disk4 is something simple, and parity2 can probably be fixed/rebuilt, but really both of those drives have crc errors from a bad cable situation I believe to be resolved... but they are older as well... either way, I need disk4 back online working correctly asap.. I can then sort parity2 out (or fly with 1 until I get more reliable hardware). So I am attaching diagnostics at this point, but I need to get disk4 (which isn't showing as emulated with an X) working (and ideas about parity2 fix appreciated) TIA (again) -G
  5. ok, I can't see a way for me to move it (though mods probably can) should I just delete and repost when I have time tonight? I should have looked at where I was posting better I suppose. Thanks. -g edit: actually I hadn't looked, but it is now in VM Engine, which isn't where I posted, so I assume it was moved by someone who knows where it should go... so thanks!
  6. Hi, this may have been asked/answered but I didn't have luck searching... I think the title says it all, but basically I have a VM with a manual primary vdisk named... it changes names when I change the name of the server (this doesn't seem to happen if it is in a location other than where it "would be" in auto.. but if it is in the "auto" location, even set to manual... it seems to change... it's not a big deal, I was just trying to rename a vm with a "-old" to create a new one named the same as original, and realized it switched the "manual" designation to "auto" and renamed the folder in the domains directory.. I repeated and got same result... so I then manually used a different folder (that didn't match vm name) and this didn't happen. resolving it was simple enough, I'm just curious if this is a choice that was made for "reasons" or just an oversight... doesn't seem like it should if it is "manual" TIA -g
  7. yeah, they generally would stay on (they do now, so....) just as they would if I move them inside. I just didn't want to blow away my ntfs drivepool on a whim... figured I would talki about it public a bit first... ALSO, on the hardware that I just moved my unriad from (a dell t7500, 2x xeon x5680 w/72gb ecc ddr3) I was considering playing with Truenas Scale... but honestly I have an raspi3 or an old notebook (built in ups ) I could through OMV on also... but doing it in the main box just seems like a "fun" way to go... I am still gonna mess with Truenas and other stuff bare metal on the dell, so ideally I will be just using some smaller drives in there to tinker with.. I have a 2nd 5bay with smalller drives... the "backup" one totals 30tb the other one only 11-12tb... Thanks again @JorgeB, you just helped me on my cache drive issue yesterday (working fine after moving to new cache drive (the other drive is likely fine, just corrupted from my memory being oc'd initially, I maybe should pre-clear it before using it elsewhere) -g
  8. I have asked a similar question before, but now that I have a little more understanding, I will try to be more specific (but short if I can) I currently have a clunky backup solution: 5 (3 sizes) drives in an USB enclosure passed through to a windows VM running drivepool... it works well enough, but the clunky part is I am using dirsyncpro to automate the backup/sync of my media, and it starts before the VM with the windows drivepool boots. In addition, I then mount this windows share using unassigned devices so I can use that path in dirsync pro (there was a reason I didn't use the windows path\share but hell if I can recall that now, I set this up 2 yrs ago) Anyway, I am sure the auto-mount can be time-offset, but I never did that and it may not automount because the vm is still booting or whatever... So every time I reboot (which isn't often so I almost ALWAYS forget) I have to manually mount the share, then restart dirsyncpro in order for the automated weekly backup to happen. When I forget this, it can be awhile before I notice). Plus I wanted the ability to do this more "inside" of unraid.. Last time, I asked if Unassigned Devices could in some way mount multiple drives a-la a mergefs type thing... but that was a no-go. Also, the multiple pools were only in beta at the time, so I hadn't looked into it, and until today, I had just thought the options for multi-drive pools were raid 0 and 1 (with 5/6 being experimental/beta) but I now see JBOD is an option. I can move some more drives in the new meshify2 case I got, but "prefer" the idea of the usb enclosure, just because it is easily removable from the house (offsite storage or a fire) but it's currently in the same room as the meshify2, so not as easy to run out of the house with, but also not a huge deal if this can simplify my life a little. Unraid "sees" the 5 drives in the USB enclosure, and it is occurring as I am typing that I can probably just pool them together (like I am asking if I could/should do internally).. and I know USB isn't ideal, and would never consider it in my array of for mission critical... but this is a backup of media that is on 5 drives covered by 2 parity drives... so I feel "ok" about it if it will work well enough.... not just for the portability come to think of it, that would also use ALL of my extra sata connections (actually I would have to remove 2 small SSDs I have, but am moving my cache off an ssd to nvme tomorrow, so really still 1 short) Don't really want to buy a 16port hba and replace my 8 (though it would also be gen3 pcie and I think what I have is gen2... maybe it's gen3 and my old board only supported gen2 I can't recall... and I said I would try to keep this short- I FAILED. Sorry. As always TIA for any help/insights anyone has on how to skin this particular cat. -G
  9. well the backup is running now, so I will have that and the actual ssd, but I think a longer memory test may show some issues with this ram. I only did a single pass yesterday, as I was trying to get it back online... I can't seem to find any unbuffered ecc dd4 at a reasonable price, I don't have any bench dd4 to try out... how did you see the memory corruption in my logs? (edit: probably this, huh? dev /dev/sdg1 errs: wr 0, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 18421, gen 0) I need to know what I am looking for so I know when I am in the clear... I certainly don't want to start a rebuild of disk5 from parity until I am 100% sure the memory thing is clear... it looks like I am going to have to chance NON-ECC if I can't at least get something reasonable... but supply/demand seem to be in a bad spot with DDR4 ECC UDIMMs, and I couldn't afford/find a good fit for a server mb that would work for me (update: bought this) ... I am now questioning myself more than I like because I am in a spot where I might have to move all this crap back into the dell again.. ugh. p.s. in the process of restoring my appdata backup to newly formatted ssd... will update. I am knocking on wood, but that seems to have resolved it... I rebuilt the docker.img manually and everything seems to be working and so far no errors reported on the drive... but that didn't exactly happen right away last time either... but I think it was the memory running too fast, now that I backed that off I am hoping that is good. If that ecc works (and is actually working as ecc should, it will have been a good spend, I will thoroughly test these and maybe flip them for $30 or so and feel good about it) So thanks to both of you for your help getting this fixed. I have a couple other things I need to fix, mb temps not showing, and some fan-speed stuff.... But I will use google for that and post anything I can't sort in a new post... I wish I could run memtest while also preclearing this drive (it is still in a usb case, I suppose I could make a trial unraid usb and do the pre-clear on another system while this one is running memtest). Thanks -g
  10. can I trust a backup using the community apps plugin when it is acting this way? I will boot it now and try to get through it, I think if I boot with docker/vms off I might be ok. I have another sata ssd I can swap in... since I still haven't gotten the nvme that will ultimately be for cache. and the ram, is this bad ram or settings? I want ecc anyway, just don't want to buy something off ebay that wont work right either, and haven't found much good advice on that either... but I may not be asking the right questions.
  11. yeah, its not "mission critical" but I don't know what else to do at the moment. the things that have changed are just the mb/cpu/ram/psu/case. I followed a spaceinvaderone video on moving to new hardware... it seemed pretty straight forward. I guess I need to make a new trial USB key tomorrow and see how this hardware does starting from scratch... I dunno... I am alot tired and defeated at the moment. I need to come at this with fresh eyes in the morning... one or more of the things in that spaceinvaderone video looked like maybe not needed anymore, but I wasn't sure so I followed step-by-step... What is happening at the moment is after a "lock-up" (or whatever tf is happening) on reboot the cache isn't mountable... so I do a btrfs rescue zero-log and then reboot and it mounts ok... dockers spin up, and seemingly work... then withing like 10 mins I see similar things to the image above... state: A, then EA, then EAL... and I'm borked. again thanks in advance for any troubleshooting ideas. I will get back on this in the morning. -g
  12. Thanks so much for your assistance. Yeah, since that last post I actually put it to 2133 and am running memtest now, its only half way through first pass, but so far so good on that front. I hadn't actually enabled xmp, it was just set to auto, but I have now used the timings shown here as JEDEC #1 (except that last tCCD_L setting, I didn't see in the bios, is there anything else it would called?) But @JorgeB mentioned I was getting data corruption errors so I was needing to try backing them off anyway. If I get no errors after first pass on memtest I will probably boot to see where I am... hopefully good. thanks again for the help.
  13. Ok so I spoke too soon. It started and the cache drive showed up and things appeared to be working... dockers looked like they started fine... but I didn't try anything as I was walking out the door for a few hours, I just got back and was told Emby wasn't working, so I came in here an things look like they are running.. but any docker I click on and restart I get an "Execution error: Server error" popup... so I looked at log and see things like BTRFS error (device loop2: state EA): bdev /dev/loop2 errs: wr 93, rd 0, flush 0, corrupt 26467, gen 0 I have since shut-down, updated the bios and double checked my settings, moved the cache drive to my hba controller, zero'd the btrfs log again, rebooted and think I might be ok... I am starting the pre-clear on the replacement for disk5 (forgot it was running before I shutdown... it was only like 6hrs in, so no biggie). However, this build has appeared stable before... however, the type of error like above don't seem to be occurring (most likely since moving the cache off of the mb controller). I really need to decide on a nvme drive to replace the cache with anyway... Nope, that didn't do it either... seemed ok for a bit, then all this started again.. I am attaching a new diagnostic in case anyone wants to take a look and see if anything jumps out. As always, TiA! -g
  14. Thank you so much.. that got me back in business... I am replacing drive 5 and starting the rebuild this morning, will post diags afterward if anything else creeps up.... I need to learn to read these logs better. I think I will order an nvme drive today to replace that cache drive... it was something I wanted to do when I got this board... but didn't want to spend the money until I researched what drive to buy right now... also I was intending to replace the 16gb with 32gb of ECC if I could find a good deal on something that this ryzen 1700 would be ok with (and also will work if I upgrade to a newer cpu if my vm's become more demanding) The memory I have is non-ecc gskill trident F4-3200C16D and the bios is currently auto xmp profile 1. It is decent memory (if it checks out) and I know lots of people run non-ecc without issues (I guess) so I could just buy 2 more matching sticks, but I kinda hate that idea in theory (especially if the right ecc deal pops up on ebay ) Could the data corruptions you mentioned be a memory timings/voltages be an issue? (researching that in another tab) Anyway, thanks again for your help... it was most appreciated. -G
  15. (posted to discord earlier as well, but I have to go out to buy another spinning drive right now, so I also posted here in case I get responses) hi guys, I just updated/migrated to new hardware, and all seemed well for a day or so, but last night things locked/crashed and when I was trying to figure out what was going on, I think I may have missed a bios setting for advanced sleep on sata 0 and sata 1 of the asrock x370 taichi. I disabled, but now it's not mounting, and I don't know how to do the equivalent of a chkdsk or something for btrfs... my only experience with it is my unraid cache pools. Or if that is even the thing to do... any help appreciated (even if it's just where I "should" put this question) anyway the cache was on sata0 so that seemed like the problem... the 7 spinning drives are on an hba, but I'd like to keep that last spot for another drive for the array.... and at this point, that aint exactly the problem anyway... but I am aware about the issues with disk5 specifically, but one or two others aren't great either probably. I just can't replace all of these shucked drives (and am in fact buying another one today probably), when I find the right deal on some larger more robust drives, I will replace the parity and move those out to the array if they are not suspect... but I already had some concerns on disk5 (aside from the crc redundancy errors that show on this and a couple other drives, all related to a bad sata > mini-sas that has since been replaced... either way, it had been re-precleared not long ago, but got disabled/emulated a few back... so that specific issue I am gonna try to get pulled and start rebuilding tonight, but can't really do anything until I get my cache drive sorted. However, there are a few other errors in my logs re: things installed/uninstalled mostly, and hardware changes, but I can probably google them each individually and resolve... but any insights there are also appreciated. TIA, -g things that stuck out to me: