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Unclean shutdown after each restart/reboot


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1 hour ago, Emanuel87 said:

did that. it takes aroung 50 seconds. so my 480 Shutdown time-out should be sufficient. 

yet I have a feeling unraid is ignoring this, as it was rebooted in less than 3 minutes :(

The timeouts will only come into affect if some part of the system does not close tidily in less time than the timeout value so your reboot time of 3 minutes probably just means the timeout never got triggered.

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that might make some sense. 

I just got yesterday an error that the flash is read only. that might be the case that the flash was getting corrupted and I didn't realized that. 


funny enough today I am not getting that error anymore. but I will replace it tomorrow with a new one, just to eliminate this problem 

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