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Drive won't add


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All my disks are XFS, encrypted.  


I added a disk, it belonged to the array a while ago and has been sitting on a shelf after an upgrade.


After adding the new disk, I started the array.  Unraid said it was unmountable because it wasn't formatted (it was, I mounted it and read files just fine).  So I clicked the format box and now it says its unmountable because its not an encrypted volume.  But if I click on the disk it clearly says its "XFS encrypted."


I've added or upgraded disks on this system dozens of times and have never had this happen.

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So I physically added four drives.


All were mountable via the new "mount" button (used to use unassigned devices) except one drive, for some reason it wouldn't mount but was recognized.  I added one of the drives to the array after stopping it, and then restarted.  That's when I got the format error.  Formatted it, and now am getting the not encrypted error.  


The disk is showing up in the list of array members, however it is not mounted.  Yet I am getting green balls and assume parity is valid.  So I'm not sure what is happening.

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New disk 15 added

Sep 12 16:41:03 ffs2 kernel: md: import disk15: (sdv) ST4000VN000-1H4168_Z301AV5B size: 3907018532 
Sep 12 16:41:03 ffs2 kernel: md: disk15 new disk

Clearing starts

Sep 12 16:42:27 ffs2 kernel: md: recovery thread: clear ...

Clearing finishes about 8 hours later

Sep 13 00:34:20 ffs2 kernel: md: sync done. time=28313sec
Sep 13 00:34:20 ffs2 kernel: md: recovery thread: exit status: 0

So that is all as expected, but then

Sep 14 17:46:47 ffs2 emhttpd: shcmd (712376): /sbin/wipefs -a /dev/md15
Sep 14 17:46:48 ffs2 emhttpd: shcmd (712377): mkdir -p /mnt/disk15
Sep 14 17:46:48 ffs2 emhttpd: /mnt/disk15 mount error: Volume not encrypted
Sep 14 17:46:48 ffs2 emhttpd: shcmd (712378): umount /mnt/disk15
Sep 14 17:46:48 ffs2 root: umount: /mnt/disk15: not mounted.

There isn't actually a mount command logged, just that mount errored. Not sure if maybe that is just the way it logs formatting attempts though


You can see the mount command on other disks like this:

Sep 12 16:42:14 ffs2 emhttpd: shcmd (683): mkdir -p /mnt/disk14
Sep 12 16:42:14 ffs2 emhttpd: shcmd (684): mount -t xfs -o noatime /dev/mapper/md14 /mnt/disk14
Sep 12 16:42:14 ffs2 kernel: XFS (dm-13): Mounting V5 Filesystem
Sep 12 16:42:15 ffs2 kernel: XFS (dm-13): Ending clean mount
Sep 12 16:42:15 ffs2 kernel: xfs filesystem being mounted at /mnt/disk14 supports timestamps until 2038 (0x7fffffff)



One thing I did notice earlier in syslog while that disk was Unassigned:

Sep 12 16:02:18 ffs2 kernel: XFS (dm-17): Filesystem has duplicate UUID e876d367-1c54-4b53-9532-0e1b5ccda64f - can't mount
Sep 12 16:02:18 ffs2 unassigned.devices: Mount of '/dev/mapper/ST4000VN000-1H4168_Z301AV5B' failed: 'mount: /mnt/disks/ST4000VN000-1H4168_Z301AV5B: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/ST4000VN000-1H4168_Z301AV5B, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. '
Sep 12 16:02:18 ffs2 unassigned.devices: Partition 'ST4000VN000-1H4168_Z301AV5B' cannot be mounted.

Don't know if the duplicate uuid problem is preventing the format from succeeding or not, though duplicate uuid isn't logged at the time the format is attempted.




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On 9/17/2021 at 12:57 AM, JorgeB said:

Reboot, start array, format disk15, please post new diags if it still doesn't work.


Just did this with Disk 16.... It is not working.  Formatting and rebooting had zero effect, although it fixed Disk 15.  I have added four more disks, all of which were previously used (its been years) in this server, all of which are now clearing.  I will update shortly, I presume I will need to format all of them and then I will have five disks which refuse to add to the array because "Unmountable: Volume not encrypted"


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19 minutes ago, tucansam said:

I'm just doing them in the order that the GUI is popping up the options........


As I explained in my first post to this thread

On 9/14/2021 at 11:17 PM, trurl said:

If you add a disk to a new slot in an array that already has valid parity, Unraid must clear the disk (unless it is already precleared) so parity will remain valid. After it clears the disk it will need to be formatted.


If you format a clear disk before adding it to the array, it is no longer a clear disk. Then when you add it to the array, Unraid must clear it so parity will remain valid. Then you will have to format it. So...


37 minutes ago, trurl said:

You must format them AFTER you add them to the array, NOT BEFORE.


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