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My kernel had a panic attack


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So yeah...turned my server of a few days ago...started it back up again...and i got a msg that my kernel had a panic attack..

Can't post any additional pics atm, but can do later..

Nothing on the server changed, hardware wise...

I restored my USB stick from a backup..

Soo..help pls:(





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18 hours ago, trurl said:

Maybe try again using this method then copy your config folder from your backup


So, i reformated the usb stick again, as per instructions, this time with a clean install - no restore...and yes panicked kernel again...


The usb stick defective or wth?

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Ok so...restored to anew usb stick and it worked...


The router failed to assign the static ip adress, thus i had to hard reset the server...and behold...kernel panicked again..


After.another hard reboot...everything is fine...as far as booting into unraid is concerned...

Does anyone have any idea why is my kernel panicking?

Btw, both usb sticks work fine on windows...

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6 hours ago, igk said:

Em yes it does boot with a clean install.


And fyi i didnt start another thread for the same issue, but for other ones. Or is this related to the kernel panic?

Probably best to keep it all on one thread at least until you get something stable going, then later on you can have separate threads for more specific issues.

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