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Unraid flash drive dead after unschedule power outage. how to recover?


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1 hour ago, epicurean said:

Newbie help needed!

the unraid Sandisk USB drive appears to be dead, the bios does not even see it. took it out and put into a pc, and it is also not readable.

I have a new usb drive ready. how do I recover my paid Unraid PRO account on this new flash drive?

Do you have a backup of the flashdrive ?

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I dont unfortunately. 

I got desperate and done this so far: 

1) setup a new usb drive for unraid

2) got a new key from the email

3) set new config and put the drive arrays in the order that I remember. (1 parity, 7 drives, 2 x cache pools)

4) unraid says array started and doing a parity sync.

5) I only have 2 dockers (krusader and plex server). 


Should I just wait for the parity to complete? I seem to see the shares, but they all have an exclamation yellow triangle next to it (except for domains)


is there anything else I need to do?



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Array completed parity check with no errors


However, the 2 dockers I have ,binhex-krusader and plex, have a question mark next to it (instead of its usual icon) and I am unable to update it. 

error says

"Configuration not found. Was this container created using this plugin?" 


How can I fix this?


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Your docker templates were on flash. You will have to reinstall them from scratch, but if you install them exactly as before with their appdata mapped correctly they will still work as before.


You must always keep a current backup of flash. You can download a flash backup at Main - Boot Device - Flash - Flash Backup.


All your webUI settings are on flash.

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