Navigation UI reordering for quality of life


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The small icon bar on the navigation menu could do some work. Mainly the ordering. Currently the order is as follows: Logout, Terminal, Feedback, Info, Log, Help. Terminal being so close to logout is bit dangerous, very easy to misclick that.


I would suggest new order of: Terminal, Log, Info, Help, Feedback, Logout. Reasoning for this is that terminal and log are likely the most used actions here and them being first "easily available" is important. After that we go to more rarely used section of info, help and feedback. And lastly we have the logout at the end. The logout is at the end so that it is easy to find and it is separated from rest of the things because it is "destructive" action. Meaning that it will instantly log out and you lose whatever you were doing if you were to click that. So it is as far from Terminal as possible. If you were to click terminal, it means you have work to do and last thing you want is to log out.


I would even suggest small separators such as: Terminal, Log | Info, Help, Feedback | Logout. But the ordering is most important thing.


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