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I use UNRAID V6.9.2 on a test HP6300SFF.
With a virtual machine under Windows 10 1607 x64 I climb Samba sharing from UNRAID on Z:/ That I use to differ on "Radiodj" radio software.
When I change the user settings or sharing folders for Samba, when you validate the changes, it has the consequence of updating the settings and thereby, my Windows 10 virtual machine with the radio software changes title and displays the file being played as "lost" in the database.
Sometimes even the entire audio collection happens to be removed.
I guess these changes rerlage samba with "restart".
If so, is it possible to modify with "reload" ?

Have you ever had the problem on other software ?

Thanks in advance.

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Perhaps the reason you have not had a response is that your description of the problem is not understandable.    Is English your first language?  Did you run your text through a translation program?  If the answer to one of these questions is 'yes', please run your post back through a translation program back to your native language.  IF it does not make sense to you, you will have to modify your text until it does. 

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