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New to unraid and new to building a NAS


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 Hello everyone nice to meet you! I just joined the forum because I want to be part of such an awesome community like this one.


I do not own unraid just yet because I am still planning out my future build, I'm new to building a NAS and I have only build a couple of pc's before so I think this will come in handy and I also have a pcpartpicker list with parts recommended by people but who better to ask than unraid users right? please let me know where I can post this as I would like to make a separate post 😁


I am very exited and I really look forward to sharing with you all my amazing journey and to also bond and make friends along the way.


to make conversation, do you think your serves changed your life in any way? I'm curious 😛


see you around! 🤠

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Welcome to the community!!!! i launched my first home server on Windows Home Server sooo around 2008 I think. The ability to take all my old drives put them in my server to expand the storage capacity was game changing as that product sunset moving to Unraid the life changing feature for me was the built in docker engine. It just makes everything run so much easier.

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I’m also new here, and impressed already with the high quality of community posts. :)

Despite my user name, I have no intention of trolling anyone here. I plan to build a low power unRAID server based on Intel’s NUC 11 i3 and a bunch of SATA drives in a USB-C enclosure. The NUC is ordered with a preliminary ETA of January ‘22, so I still have time to figure things out. My use cases are to host TimeMachine backups (there are six Macs in my household), a Plex server and, perhaps sometime later next year, a few CCTV cams.

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