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(Solved) Not automatically signing-in after reboot

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I have three Unraid servers. Two are automatically signing-in My Servers automatically after reboot (1x Unraid Version 6.10-rc1 and 1x Unraid Version 6.9.2) and one isn't (1x Unraid Version 6.10-rc1).


I can't work out why one instance of Unraid "My Severs" isn't automatically signing-in or retaining settings after a reboot. If (after reboot) I login to web interface and click "Sign-in" it does so no problem.


I hope someone might suggest troubleshooting steps. Diagnostics from troublesome Unraid server attached. Thanks.


A bit more detail:

  • Not signing in "My Servers" automatically after reboot.
  • Not retaining "Allow Remote Access: Yes" setting after reboot.
  • Not retaining "Send crash information to Unraid developers: Yes" setting after reboot.


Further observation. Reviewing My Server settings after a few minutes My Servers indicates it is still logged-in but:

  • "Allow Remote Access: No"
  • "Send crash information to Unraid developers: No"




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Thanks for reaching out. I do see that when the plugin was installed at boot, it trigged an automatic sign out:

Sep 22 13:52:53 Travancore1 root: ⚠️ Automatically signed out of Unraid.net
Sep 22 13:52:53 Travancore1 root:  Sign In to Unraid.net to get connected to My Servers 


Could I ask you to try a few things?


First, sign in.  Then PM me this file from your flash drive:
Then reboot, and PM me the same file again along with an updated diagnostics.


The myservers.cfg file contains private information, so please do not post it in this thread.

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10 hours ago, ChatNoir said:

So it is a server side fix ?


Yes, the latest install routine makes an assumption that needed to be coordinated on the server-side. This affects our earlier adopters, since we uninstall/reinstall all the time none of our systems were in the state to trigger this. Sorry about that, and many thanks to our early adopters :)


Going forward, affected users will be signed out once during install/reboot and then after signing back in they will be good to go.

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