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How to replace disk without parity


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Hi all,

I have a unraid server with 4 disk slot and these disks are almost full now.I am thinking about upgrade one 8TB disk  to a new 16TB disk. 

As my unraid server didn't use a parity disk,i wonder what is the easiest way to finish the upgrade work?

Here is my plan:

Let's say i want to replace the old 8TB disk4.First i unplug disk1 and plug the new 16tb disk5,then use unbalance to copy disk4 to disk5.After copy is done,replug disk3,will the system still work?

Or there's a better way to archive my goal?

Thanks in advance!

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You can do a new config and assign disks to any data slot you want. The only disks that get erased with new config are the parity slots, so as long as you don't assign anything to parity 1 or parity 2 nothing will be erased.


As you said, any disk you remove, the data will be unavailable on the array, so you must manually copy any data you want to keep.

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