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App/VM Cluster Manager for Failover and HA

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Docker Cluster/Fail over Manager for unRaid

I want to build a set of unraid servers where my VM's and dockers have an HA host to fail back to. I need something to start and start VM's on Unraid2 if Unraid1 goes down. I also need it to keep Unraid1 from starting applications and VM's that are running on unraid2.

Currently I have a qnap box that I got from work that I am thinking about turning into my repo for shared storage for this purpose. It's not perfect and I might load Ubuntu over the top of it because the QNAP software is crap. It's a TS-932x with the Annapurna chip in it and 10Gbe out the back.

Is there a tool that already exists that can do what I want? I understand I'd need a 3rd server (UnraidCM) to act as HA Manager for this to function.


This could be a 3rd party tool, a first party app or part of the unraid OS.

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Some kind of clustering would be interesting although i would prefer a form of replication for disaster recovery.
if it was possible to replicate the apps/VM configuration and data linked to it (also binds for docker) it would be great.
If it would automatically turn on the apps/vm's on the slave node when the master is down it would be even better, this would decrease downtime and make the software a little more interesting for small businesses that need a form of disaster recovery for their services.

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