NAS VERY SLOW ≈ 1MB/s upload

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My NAS server is extremely slow at writing data... slower than it should be.  We're currently writing data to it at about .05-4MB/s.


Here's the sitch:

- We've got the Storinator 45 drives

- Everything is looking "healthy" on the unraid interface

- I don't have turbowrite set up, but even without this feature, the NAS is being way too slow

- I'm not using the cache pool either, but again this write speed is abnormal

- Using third party apps to write to the NAS (chronosync and carbon copy cloner - both up to date)

- Slow on all computers connected to the NAS

- Have checked the connections to the Network and have ruled this out as an issue

- I have 4x 16TB EXOS drives from Seagate used for storage + 2x 16TB EXOS drives used as parity drives


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