Dilemma on use of PCIE 3.0 x4/x8 slots


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I am changing hardware for my unraid machine and the target machine (Dell PowerEdge T340) has 2 available slots:


1 PCIE 3.0 x4

1 PCIE 3.0 x8


I am looking to move over the NVME drive that is currently being used and also the Geforce P400 card (for Plex). What would be the best/optimal way to use the slots for the drive and GPU?



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6 hours ago, Ford Prefect said:

AFAIK the most models of the P400 are even x16 cards.

Don't know if the slots are open-ended in the Dell T340, so that it can fit.

Ahh. Did not even realize that. Crap.


Oh well .. atleast that makes my decision easier .. ha ha. If I could bother folks with another question.


I have a cache pool set with 2 SSD's: 1 TB and 500 TB. The size shows up as only 1 TB and space is being used by the 1 TB drive only. Is it common to setup cache pools with only 1 drive? I am not sure the ideal/suggested way of setting up the cache pool.



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...the ideal and hence recommend way is to build a cache pool from two drives of the same size and technology (SSD or PCIe NVMe,) so that size and performance are matched for the devices in the pool.

With mixed sizes, I think, btrfs at least will create copies of the meta-data on the second for redundancy. But I am no expert in this.

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