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  1. Makes sense. Thanks. I have attached the diagnostics logs as well above.
  2. The SSH or GUI is inaccessible when this happens so I am unable to run diagnostics. That was the reason I enabled a remote syslog server. I can attach the current diagnostics dump/zip file but not sure if that really helps. Thanks.
  3. I have had unraid for close to a month now. It ran fine initially but in the last 2 weeks I have had 3 issues where I loose connectivity. Cannot ssh or login to the gui. After this happened the first time, I set up a remote syslog server that unraid was sending logs to. The last outage I had was yesterday night (today morning), a little after midnight. Based on when the syslog server stopped receiving logs, it appears that the issue occurred at around 2021-11-07,00:26:24. I have attached the log file here as well. I restarted the server late this morning and the logs continue on from 2021-11-07,11:08:31. syslog-unraid.csv If someone could take a look at this, I would greatly appreciate. I am seeing messages about nvidia driver, php-fpm but am unsure what is causing the actual issue.
  4. What would be the point of having multiple SSD's in 1 cache pool? How would this work if they are different sizes? I have a cache pool with 2 x SSD's. 1 x TB + 1 x 500 GB. Unraid shows the cache pool size as 1 TB. Could someone be kind enough to explain what (if any) advantage of such a setup would be? Or point me to documentation which gives information on how multiple drives in 1 cache pool get configured? Thanks.
  5. Ahh. Did not even realize that. Crap. Oh well .. atleast that makes my decision easier .. ha ha. If I could bother folks with another question. I have a cache pool set with 2 SSD's: 1 TB and 500 TB. The size shows up as only 1 TB and space is being used by the 1 TB drive only. Is it common to setup cache pools with only 1 drive? I am not sure the ideal/suggested way of setting up the cache pool. Thanks.
  6. I am changing hardware for my unraid machine and the target machine (Dell PowerEdge T340) has 2 available slots: 1 PCIE 3.0 x4 1 PCIE 3.0 x8 I am looking to move over the NVME drive that is currently being used and also the Geforce P400 card (for Plex). What would be the best/optimal way to use the slots for the drive and GPU? Thanks.
  7. I am looking to build/buy a PC that allows me to accomplish two things: NAS with atleast 4 x 12 TB drives. CPU + Memory to let me run 4-6 VM's. I will want atleast 2 TB of SSD storage for this. Split it across 2-4 drives. My original plan was to look at the Synology DS1621XS+ but am wondering if that will be a good fit for the virtualization. Both the memory and CPU it offers is rather limited. My budget is NOT set in stone but I would prefer to keep it under $4000 if possible. I have no plan to use the PC for gaming as I have a Digital Storm PC that already achieves that for me. However, it would be ideal if I can run a Windows VM on it to run some apps remotely. I am not sure if Unraid will fit my use case or not. Advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.