NordVPN and docker containers


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Hello all.


i’m hoping you all can help. I’m trying to have certain docker containers use a vpn to connect to the internet while still being accessible via the web ui and work with other containers. All are on the same server.


unraid access and Plex are on eth0 and eth1 in failover. I have a 4 nic card installed in the server along with the on board 1gbe (eth0) and a 10gbe sfp+ card (eth1).


installed dockers: Plex, Jellyfin, NordVPN, Xteve, others.


Below is what I am trying to do.


Xteve to use nord vpn to access internet but still have the webui work and have it function with Jellyfin and Plex.


i have a few containers I would like to do like the above. All the information and guides I follow lead me to no success. As soon as I enable, either the container does not start, or the web UI disappears or it’s unable to be accessed or function at all.


i also have a séparer router with NordVPN on it I can add it if it would help.


Any help is appreciated.



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