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Hello Everyone,


I wanted to give a big thanks to all that are involved with Unraid. I have been running a Plex server since Plex started back in 2008. I used Windows Server to start with. Then migrated to Ubuntu, the back to Windows Server. Been doing a lot of reading on Unraid. I have to said Unraid is well worth the money. It just works. The migration from Windows Server to Unraid was very painless and quicker than I had planned. Everyone's had work on this product is very much appreciated. I love it. 

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Yep, while I'm here, I'll also say thanks - I've got three different machines running unraid now, in two separate locations (and all with different roles). I have yet to come across any major problems (the only issues I've had were self inflicted). I love it, and use it daily.

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This is a pretty cool product.


I've successfully spun up my first NAS and created a few containers and VMs (with gpu passthrough to boot) and couldn't be more pleased with the OS. The documentation and supplemental content (YouTube, other forums) that I've found for Unraid has been fantastic.


Thanks again for all the work everyone has put in to this project.

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