FileRun: fix default permissions

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I set up FileRun using @BamaJ13's docker template and ran into the issue that files created/uploaded through FileRun's webUI are readonly to other users and thus can't be modified over for example SMB. I first tried very long to launch the docker with different user:group settings and messing with ACLs but couldn't get it to work. Then I dug long and deep and found an undocumented solution. Here are the two steps needed:


  1. add two environment variables in template: "APACHE_RUN_GROUP = users" and "APACHE_RUN_GROUP_ID = 100"
  2. after first run, modify or create file /mnt/user/appdata/filerun/customizable/config.php with following content:





Then all files/dirs created by FileRun will belong to group "users" and have read and write access for other users of UnRAID. Have fun!

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谢谢楼主,找了整整一天,最后在这里解决了问题,如果不输入userid. 那么默认就会是1000权限,然后我修改umask为0112就解决了


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