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  1. Hey Guys, I am new to rclone and looked some guides up, for syncing to cloud servers. I added one server and I am able to sync. but for some reason the script section is missing within the rclone plugin on my end. Any ideas what I have to do? Did something changed lately? Oh nevermind, found the explaination here:
  2. Hey there just a quick question on my end. All is working great except of one thing. For example, I am copying a file FROM THE SERVER to a users folder ON THE SERVER, which is connected to a desktop app. After that, the file is not showing up on the desktop device, so I guess I will have to initialize a sync or check, for new files first. I looked around and found this line here, which doesnt do the trick on my end: sudo -u root php /mnt/user/nextcloud/aj/files files:scan --all ncp Any ideas what is starting the sync correctly?
  3. Hey tigervol, thanks for the details here. I am running the same configuration with a lot of dockers. All is working good so far. And also big thanks to @SpaceInvaderOne's amazing YouTube channel. So the reverse proxy is working for all of my dockers. But now I am facing the problem, that I installed a CentOS VM which hosts aaPanel and a bunch of Websites. I basically want to access the Panel via the internet over the duckdns reverse proxy with letsencrypt. And I guess, I will have to edit the nginx config to point to CentOS VM? But I don´t know what to edit. Is there any tutoria