Multiple Server Rack Mount Cases And UnRAID

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Hello fellow Data Horders!

I had a question about Server Rack Mounts as I'm looking at building out a new setup for my UnRAID server and have been looking at these 24 hard drive bay cases like as seen here:

1.) Is it possible to have multiple Server Rack Mounts connected to a single instance of UnRAID? I know there is currently a 30 drive limited under the Pro license, but I'm thinking for down the road should this limit be increased.

2.) If it is possible to connect multiple racks, how would this be accomplished?

3.) Any recommended brands for a 24-bay hard drive Server Rack mount case?

4.) Any other gotchas I should be aware of from switching from a mid tower case to a server rack mount setup?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide!


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58 minutes ago, DaveHavok said:

I know there is currently a 30 drive limited under the Pro license

The pro License is effectivly unlimited but the Array has its own limit : 28 data drives i+ 2 parity drives.

You can have many more disks in Pools.


Writing this, I realise that if LT indeed provides multiple Arrays after 6.10, they migth propose other licensing tiers ?  (don't read too much into it, I have NO information from LT, its just me rambling after several glasses of single malt :D )


As for your question, I know that people have serveral cases running on the same Unraid instance, but you'll have to search on the forum since I did not really pay much attention on the details of this edge cases.

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1.) SAS card with two or more ports. One port to first case, one port to ext sas adapter and then out to 2nd. 2nd case only has power supply, power switch and sas multilpier card and a sas external adapter 

2.) SAS card/expanders/ external adapters. Can be sas or sata drives. Backplanes in case help

3.) supermicro stuff is high quality but really whatever deal you can find. They also have a 4U 36 drive one

4.) rack mounting hardware can be expensive and takes a while to ship if you actually use a server rack. Some of the better server grade drive enclosures only take 240v power



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