LGA1155 - is it worth upgrading my Xeon E3-1246 ?

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I haven't refreshed hardware in my server in several years. I've been adding a lot of functionality via containers lately, so I'm definitely going to max out my mobo's RAM at 32gb soon. I want to lay out an upgrade path for the next several months. My budget is extremally limited so I can't go all out at once unfortunately. As a minimum I'm looking at a new case (with room for 10 drives so I can retire my Norco SS-500s) and installing an old GPU (Radeon HD-7950) to help transcoding maybe.


My question: is there even an upgrade path while retaining my LGA 1155 supermicro MBD-X10SLH-F ? Would I get any significant boost by replacing just my Xeon E3-1246 CPU  (in addition to doubling the RAM)? Or would I be better off saving money until I can afford a modern server board and CPU(s) to go with it? There seems to be a lot of varieties in this socket for Xeons, and I'm rather ignorant at interpreting benchmark metric comparisons.

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