Array Will Not Auto-Start

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I have recently migrated all of my drives/dockers/VMs from Unraid 6.9.X (I don't remember what the last number was) to 6.10.3

Now, the array will not auto-start.

I have enabled auto-start in the disk settings but it won't auto-start.


Please help and please let me know if I can provide any info that can help.




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Unrelated, but your appdata, domains, system shares are all set cache-yes, which means move them to the array. And appdata and domains already has files on the array.


If these shares are on the array, your docker/VM performance will be impacted by slower parity, and array disks can't spindown since these files are always open.


Nothing can move open files, so you will have to disable Docker and VM Manager in Settings, set all of those shares to cache-prefer, and run mover to get them moved to cache.


Wait until parity finishes rebuilding.

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