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so... clearly this is not the ideal SMART scan, and it never shows up as "healthy", so, how bad is this? The drive in question is a 4x200gb Sun Oracle F80 800GB PCIe Flash Accelerator. I bought it second hand a little over 6 months ago. It shows as having been online for 54,000 hours which comes out to around 6.2 years. Ive heard these things can read/write petabytes before dying, which is definitely doable in 6 years, but id imagine these drives have a little more endurance than your normal drives. With that being the case, how concerning are these results? I am using 1x200gb as a cache drive and the other 3x200 are just chilling holding random data. Should i disable the 3x200gb and just leave the 1x200gb as a cache drive until it dies? Ideally id like to use it until death since i basically just bought it. I don't really know how to read a SMART report beyond knowing that anything above the threshold probably isn't good, but i don't know what a normal report looks like, or what normal wear and tear looks like. Any insight would be appreciated, thank you.

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