Anyone using a USB 3.1 to 2.5gbe Ethernet/Network Adapter?


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I ran out of slots on my mobo and I'd like to try setting up 2.5gbe on my server/network. I recently saw that there are USB 2.5gbe adapters available, is anyone using one successfully? If so what brand/model? Was it plug+play? I only found one related mention here in the forums but it is 1.5+ years old. I am running version 6.10.3 and have USB 3.1 ports available. TIA

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Yeah sounds like a good idea but when I tried it recently (with an 1Gb Adapter), I failed miserably.

The "throughput" was lousy down to not-existent 😞

There must be a serious driver issue.

So be prepared for getting depressed.

But, of course, maybe you have more luck with a different chipset as the Realtek that I have tried...



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