Another Successful Parity Check


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2 hours ago, AgentP said:

How frequently do you guys run your parity checks? Monthly? 


I set mine to run at 12AM first of the month while I'm sleeping. I know mine takes approximately 9hours so I just leave it alone during that period until I get a notification from the server telling me its done. At first it seemed like much, but lets face it if your not running it often how do you really know your data is Parity protected if you have a problem? Just my prospective of course.

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Duration: 14 hours, 36 minutes, 3 seconds. Average speed: 152.2 MB/s


Pretty standard for my monthly parity check - 32TB - 6 drives, 8TB and 6TB HGST.


I schedule it to kick on @ 1:30AM with no other server maintenance tasks scheduled for that day.  I do have another desktop which backs up at that time.  Could be a 10 minute task, could be much longer.  I recall a month where the desktop did a full backup and was streaming shows from plex.  Worked the server hard that day, took closer to 16 hours for the parity check to end.  But the little 4c/8t processor didn't miss a beat.

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