Out of memory errors detected on your server


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Something seriously wrong about your docker setup. 20G docker.img is usually more than enough, but you are already using 201/325G.


The usual reason for filling docker.img is an application writing to a path that isn't mapped.


Some other things about the way you have your shares setup but we can look at that later.


Go to Docker page, click the Container Size button at bottom, post a screenshot.

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53 minutes ago, trurl said:

looks like something named 'node' is getting OOM

I used to have a docker container named node awhile ago but I stopped messing with it after I could never get it to work. Can you see the last time it had an error?


I will also say the web ui crashes a lot when I click on the Docker tab due to "out of memory issues"



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I think I might have figured out why I was getting those errors. It looks like a few of the "gold fingers" on my HBA card are scratched off. I read on one of the threads on here from years ago that you could put electrical tape on them to fix it. Is it worth it? Or better to get a new one?



Also, would you recommend using the Docker folder instead of the img if I have a lot of containers?

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22 hours ago, Exes said:

It looks like a few of the "gold fingers" on my HBA card are scratched off.


6 hours ago, Exes said:


I must be blind, I can't see any damage in that picture. All I see are the hotplug data lines being shorter so they make contact only after the card has power. Maybe a clearer closeup with the damage circled?


The referenced thread is about complete boot failure, so if your system is booting to Unraid that's not the issue.

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