Z690 Taichi - and PCI Lanes

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Hi All, 


In the midst of a new build, and trying to stay low power (as much as I can, and within budget) I've opted for a 12900 and a Z690 taichi board after some discussion about HBA cards. 


Ive got the LSI 9305-24i coming.

I've already got a 10Gb SFP NIC (NC5552SFP)


Now I've a question about PCIe lanes here is the spec from the mainboard: 




I know the Storage will also utilize the PCI lanes so those specs are here: 



I know I've 20 to work with on the CPU and the z690 chipset adds another 28 for 48 total, this is my plan can anyone confirm that I'm not mad and it should work haha 



This is my plan for PCI layout can someone please confirm that this should work


CPU Slots  

PCIe_1 - Unoccupied maybe a GPU later like the p2200

PCIe_2 - LSI 9305-24i

M2_1 - NVME drive 


I believe in this setup if i incorporate a GPU later it will be forced to run at 8x but looking at this article from GamersNexus i shouldn't see too much of a performance hit? (https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2488-pci-e-3-x8-vs-x16-performance-impact-on-gpus)


This would also occupy all 20 lanes on the CPU? 



And then I was planning on adding the following to the chipset: 


PCIe_3 (the final 16x slot at x4): this would have my 10Gb NIC, i think from looking at the max speeds of x4 i should still get the full 10Gb i need/want here 

M2_2: NVME drive 

M2_3: NVME drive 

2 X Sata Drives


I think this should be around 12x on the PCI devices on the chipset (and what ever the 2 sata will use) 


Am i mad? this should work right? 


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