6.10.3 not reachable server


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some time ago i updated from 6.9.2 to 6.10.1/2 rc's and finally to 6.10.3 but i always got problems with it the 6.10.X versions.


each day i couldnt reach the server (GUI) and needed to reboot for it to work again for some hours. Docker images were working (im not sure VM werent, i cant remember) and after some time i went back to 6.9.2 and everthing works again


i think it was related to the tg3 Driver  problems mentioned here in the changelog:





i remember i tried several things which were mentioned in some thread but they all didnt work for me


now im happy because it works but the my server plugin will drop support for this version and i need to update...


IOMMU:Enabled <--- i think i needed to enable it to pass through my video card to an vm (youtube video)

i uploaded my diagnostics from 6.9.2 where it is working.


Hopefully someone can help me to solve it.


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deleted diagnostic file
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Hello, so it happend again in the last 20 minutes.


so it was working to around 21:30 o'clock and than i realized that my home assistant vm is not reachable. i tried to login to unraid and it didnt work.

so i hit the power button on my server and after shut down i started it again.

i waited a couple of minites maybe around 21:44 and logged into unraid which worked, i waited a couple of minutesand around 21:48 the gui was really slow, i couldnt goto vm or docker tab.

after 1-2 minutes the gui worked again for a bit, but right now 21:57 it doesnt work again.


here is the syslog:




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