Geforce 3060 TI or AMD Radeon 6700XT for pass through Windows VM

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Hello Dear Unraid Community,

I have a question, because I want to buy a graphics card. What matters to me is the compatibility of the graphics card to be able to pass through to a Windows VM.


I would choose between the Geforce 3060 TI and the AMD Radeon 6700XT.


Which card is better suited to pass through to Windows? I ask because AMD is affected by the AMD reset bug. Should this still be the case, I would have to go to Geforce.

thank you for your answers, Alex


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Hello, I wanted to report back once again. After a long time back and forth thinking I come to the decision to opt for the 6700 XT.


I´ve  been read many forums around these problems with AMD graphics cards (also the 6000 series). So there are apparently manufacturer
specific problems with resetting AMD graphics cards or also known as "AMD Reset Bug".


To the background:

I have a 5700g as main processor. The internal GPU I cant use for it . So I can't avoid to buy a graphics card, because I want to use Unraid as hypervisor for my Windows VM.

Two graphics cards came into the closer selection in terms of price.  My requirement was, that I can play the MS Flight Simulator 1440p smoothly in the VM. Basically I came up with the idea to use a 3060 Ti or a 6700 xt.


Because of the increased memory of the 6700 XT, my first choice was this graphics card. But now that I have enough experience with AMD graphics cards in combination with Unraid.
I changed to the Nvidia camp because of the "Reset Bug" problem.  The advantages of DLSS are also advantages that you don't want to miss.  Furthermore the quality of the NvEnc encoder seems to be better and offers more picture quality with more performance. I will probably get over the 4 GB less VRam and go for the 3060 TI after careful consideration.

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