Docker & VM disappeared


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You have filled the pool disk and corrupted their img files. After you make room you will have to recreate them. docker.img is easy, do you have a backup of libvirt.img?


Many of your array disks are very full also. Full disks don't perform as well, and if you ever need to check filesystem, repair will need some free space to work in.

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1 hour ago, steve1977 said:


I don't think I have a backup of the libvirt.img. That's needed for reinstalling the VMs? Any other way to recreate my VMs?

Your VM disks should still be ok, but you will need to recreate the configurations to the best of your ability and point to the existing vdisks. The libvirt.img holds the XML configuration files as well as any other customizations and settings like autostart and such.


How many VM's?

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