Migrating from Flexraid to Unraid


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Newbie here trying to see what would be the best way to migrate from flexraid to Unraid in this particular situation.  


My flexraid server consists of Intel core i5 3470 cpu 3.2ghz,  4 core and an Assus P8Z77-V motherboard. I have a total of 6 WD 4TB data drives and 1 samsung 250GB SSD. The disks were filled one at a time with Flexraid and I have approximately 18TB of data on the hard drives. Flexraid no longer works and from what I can see the disks are healthy according to WHS 2011. I cannot view the data on each disk but they are NTFS formatted. 


My idea is to somehow replace the drives in the server with new Larger capacity drives and setup Unraid. Then with the older flexraid drives migrate the data to the new drives in the new Unraid server. Not sure if this is even possible ? 


Any ideas or suggestions if this is possible ?   Considering the hardware that I have is this even good idea. My idea is to run the new Unraid server as a Emby media server


any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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On 9/29/2022 at 4:38 PM, JonathanM said:

Right click on one of the drives, select Change Drive Letter and Paths...

What path does it show to access it?

I'm using remote desktop to access my server. When I do as you have requested I get (c) \FlexRaid-Managed-Pool \class 1-0\{fb0ccdd5-78b1-4c58-b84...

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