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First Time Setup - Unable to Format/Wipe Drives

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Hey ya'll! Trying to get started with Unraid and purchased 2 new Seagate Ironwolves (8 TB each) to start building an array in addition to some existing drives.


Since these existing drives have data I want to move over, I haven't tested if the below works on them yet:


  • I can add one of these new drives to an Array and start it, however it constantly says "Unmountable: unsupported partition layout".
    • I can add the other as a parity drive no problem
  • I cannot seem to fix them when I click the "Format" button in the Main > Array section, even after checking the checkbox
    • It seems to start, then exits saying there's an invalid partition
    • I did do this without a parity drive so I could move my data then do a parity sync
  • I booted into a live GParted environment and was able to successfully partition and format these drives, so I know they're not dead/toast
    • Parity Syncing seems to be starting/chugging along but still won't let me format these disks
  • Running FDisk/Parted seems to create the correct partitions/formats, but Unraid still won't do anything with them


At this point I've been at this for a few hours and am tearing my hair out what something I may be missing. Anyone run into this before/any tips?


Apologies in advance if I'm missing something incredibly obvious



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Apologies for missing something obvious
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