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periodic disk reading disturb spin down


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Version 6.10.3 - plus; Test under Disable Docker and Vms

My disks used to be able to auto spin down before. But after some setting changed(not sure), my disks never auto spin down, and they will "wake up" soon after I manually forced spin down.

Reason is that some process make reading on all my disks periodiccally at very small and same amount of data.



1、Is there any method that I can use to find out which process involved in disks IO. I tried to search google, and it says "topio" command can make some helps. but this one is not included in Unraids system, neither yum installing.
2、Or, if someone can catch out suspicious process or piont out wrong setting based on my diagnostics file, i would really really appreciate. 



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26 minutes ago, SimonF said:

Have you tried the file activity plugin?

Hi Simon


thanks for your advice. 

i install the plugin. initially, it monitor nothing. I am afraid perhaps there is something wrong on my side. so i intentionally triggered one file reading and it was recorded by plugin sucessfully.



so something weird there.  the process just take a peek on disks without any file reading so that make disks quit the spin down. like annoying kids, isn't it? 😅

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