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Following Hard Drive Issues Sonarr is no longer importing any episodes


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Can some please help with a sonarr issue?
A few months ago I moved to Unraid and until 2 weeks ago all was well, I experienced a hard drive failure and a file system error on a second drive. I replaced the failed drive which was rebuilt by parity.
I made what appeares to have been a fatal mistake with the file system error drive and re-formatted it, as a result it hasn't been rebuilt, further to this my dockers were lost, I got these back by going to the Apps/Previous Apps page and re-installing.
All looked good, so in sonarr I started searching for my missing episodes, sabnzdb picked up the requests and began downloading the missing episodes and I now have many episodes in my downloads folder however sonarr is not importing them, this also happens with any new releases.

My docker paths are:
sabnzdb paths
Host Path for /config: /mnt/user/appdata/sabnzbd
Container Path: /config
Download Path: /mnt/user/data/usenet/
Container Path: /media/data/usenet/

sonarr paths
Downloads: /mnt/user/data/usenet/
Container Path: /media/data/usenet/

I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions as to how I can resolve this issue.

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Hi Squid, apologies for the delay in responding, having looked at the logs I've been able to resolve the issue and Sonarr is now happily importing any fresh downloads. It doesn't seem to want to import the files previously downloaded but I can work my way through tem using the manual import option.

Thanks again for responding and pointing me in the right direction.

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