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Free space is reported incorrectly


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I have several shares. They all point to the same array (ehm, obviously they do) that is 32TB. They are all set to use all disks. They are all set without quota. They should all report the exact same amount of available space.


But alas, they don't. How come?


One share is reporting the total/free space of the 256GB cache pool it is using. This is the only share set up with cache, and the only share that reports incorrectly. This share has its cache setting to "Yes", so it should be able to utilise the entire 32TB array, even before the mover has invoked. And while I trust unRAID that this share *can* utilise the full 32TB, if that's the case, it should report its total/free space accordingly.


Feels like a bug to me, if I'm honest.

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Unraid actually reports the sum of the drives that actually have the folder corresponding to the share name on them.   I am surprised though that with Use Cache set to Yes that share is apparently only on the cache at the moment.   Has mover ever been invoked to move files for the share from cache to array (if not that might automatically correct this display issue).

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In this particular scenario the mover hadn't ever been invoked. It has now, and indeed shows the correct total/free space.


Before the first mover invocation, I feel Unraid should already know how much space can be utilised through a share, cache or no cache. From your explanation it seems this calculation might have been designed a little too simplistically.


So to put it in layman's terms:

Expected situation: total space = the sum of total space of ALL drives involved in a share.

Actual situation: total space = the sum of total space of any drives that happen to store files that a share provides.

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