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PC Randomly Crashing

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Hey all,


I'm not familiar with the system logs and diagnostics and have been having issues with PC crashes as of late. The server will run just fine for a week or so then randomly shut off. I think it may be a hardware problem (possibly power supply) and I'm hoping the diagnostics points towards that, but I just need some assistance in deciphering them. Temps have been fine and there have been zero errors with any of the drives in my system.


Thanks for the help in advance.


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So, unfortunately after changing both the PSU to an 850W that was used in another build for a short time with no problems as well as the graphics card, the problem persists.


I'm having trouble getting consistent syslog server entries, though. I noticed that my syslog file wasn't updating for about a month despite it being enabled so I decided to create a syslog specific share and point the syslog server to that, but now nothing populates within that share at all, as if the syslog isn't saving whatsoever. I'm not sure how to fix that in order to get more information on what's causing the crashes. I suspect now that it may be a RAM issue or something else along those lines or if I have some sort of corruption in my server itself and need to start from scratch.


**Edit on this - got it to work again by changing the remote syslog server to the IP address of my server. Will post if and when the server crashes again.


The issue is the same, however, where someone who remote streams my Plex server alerts me to the fact that my server is off or unavailable and I find the PC shutdown with no clue as to why. unRAID starts a Parity Check when I restart however suggesting an unclean shutdown.

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