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Unhealthy unraid server.

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Hello and thank you in advance. I have a Dell RX730xd running 6.11.5. This started about a month ago and i finally have time to troubleshoot it. I think the best thing to say at this point is i believe the install of unraid is corrupt. I have replaced the thumb drive thinking that it would solve the issue; i have also upgraded from 6.10.x to where it currently is running. I am attempting to have it download diagnostics, it has been spinning for ~10 minutes now in the ui- I have pulled it from the file system directly. 



the symptoms are very strange at this point.


1. the main tab doesn't show the individual disks, it has a line for each and maybe a few more. 

2. any popup in the UI isn't loading, so things like updating docker, downloading diagnostics etc aren't fully loading though it in docker instance the updates do run. 


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ok, the GUI does seem to be in better shape with a trial license, fresh install.  where are the files that you would recommend? I have about 10 docker instances, 2 VMs and ~10 plugins. The disks really need to be restored as the biggest thing, i have a significant amount of data on them. I have grabbed the key, super.dat, and the pools folder. I would also presume that going from a fresh install and copy the files to their same location. 


Thank you JorgeB for the help.

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