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System locks up after update to 6.11.5

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I'm currently running version 6.10.3 and tonight I tried to update the OS to 6.11.5.  All seemed great at first but after several minutes, the machine just locked up.  I tried to login through the console and I was able to enter my username but when I pressed enter, nothing...


I then did CTRL-ALT-DEL to shut the machine down, powered off, then tried to reboot.  It booted up just fine, but again after several minutes, the machine locked up.  I rebooted again into safe mode and the reverted back to the previous version of the OS which is 6.10.3 and it's stable again and has been running fine now for a few hours.


When I reverted to 6.10.3, I was prompted to collect diagnostics to post here which I have attached.


For what it's worth, this is not the first time this has happened to me, but I don't recall what versions were involved.  It was quite some time ago and I have replaced my motherboard since that happened and I've had no issues since then.


Anyone have any ideas?


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Sorry for the delay - had to go to work.


Syslog is attached.  During the time it was running after the update to 6.11.5, there were two periods of time where the machine was unresponsive via the web browser for perhaps 30 seconds at about 12:40am and 12:50am.  Then at about 1:05am, the machine stopped updating the WebUI (dashboard) and would not load any other tabs.  CTRL-ALT-DEL at the console resulted in what appeared to be an orderly shutdown and reboot. 


It's been restored to 6.10.3 and is stable.  Any insight is much appreciated.


After rereading your instructions, I realize that I did not reboot after the update into safe mode.  My apologies!  I will try that next but it'll have to wait until tomorrow.



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