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NFS stale file handle


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i am pretty new to unraid, currently on the trial license before purchasing. 

I have an issue where I have some Debian 11 machines that need to connect via NFS share to read and write files. Everytime I try and mount the NFS share I am getting stale file handle.


I have spent a few hours reading the forums and I cannot seem to find any solution, changed the NFS settings in global but nothing seems to work, does anyone have any ideas before I commit to purchase.




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from the initial post it seems that unraid is the nfs server and some debian 11 as nfs client. however - and this is often overlooked - when stat and locks are used, the nfs server (here unraid) will want to send data to statd and lockd on the nfs client, here the debian 11. i.e. you need to fix the port numbers on the debian 11 and then allow them in the host firewall i.e. for unraid to send to rpc, statd and lockd. to be explicit: even if unraid is the nfs server, the nfs client als has server roles for stat and lock and you need to consider this for your firewall design.


I am not sure that this is the problem here, but as this stuff is often overlooked I mention it, just in case that it may be the cause that unraid cannot reach statd and lockd on the debian 11 client.

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